Kajiura Yuki

梶浦 由記

также известен как:   Yuki Kajiura  
major - активны (1995 - )
Kajiura Yuki ranks among the best-known composers working in Japan today.

Having started her career with the early-'90s "sophisti-pop" group See-Saw, she composed her first soundtrack in 1995 for the film "Ruby Fruit". Kajiura worked on her first anime in 1996, and her profile grew massively in the wake of See-Saw's work on the ".hack" franchise. She's been going strong ever since.

Kajiura has also been a prolific producer of female vocalists, helping launch the careers of Nanri Yuuka, Chiba Saeko, and Oda Kaori, among others. She also masterminded the vocal trio Kalafina from their debut until 2018, when she parted ways with agency Space Craft Produce.
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