också känd(a) som:   JESSE & THE BONEZ  
indies - aktiv (2011 - )
Originally the solo project of RIZE frontman JESSE, The BONEZ morphed into powerhouse rock band in 2013, when he was officially joined by T$UYO$HI and ZAX of Pay money To my Pain and former RIZE guitarist NAKA (Nakao Yoshihiro).

The band’s sound combines the wild, rebellious energy of RIZE with some of the more polished and sensitive elements of PTP. Also, since The BONEZ was started as part of JESSE’s “multi-entertainment” Stand Up! project, they frequently collaborate with major brands on goods, and have held a number of contests to involve fans in their work.
  • gitarr: ZUZU [2012 / 2013 - hoppat av]
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