indies - splittrade (2012 - 2017)
MeteoroiD started out with an energetic sound that combined hard rock with digital effects and a bright, somewhat futuristic look. However, after the departure of guitarist Yutori in 2014, the band took a complete 180, opting for a much darker sound and dropping their flashy metallic costumes and signature colour green for all-black attire, bandages and black roses.

While the sudden concept shift was likely a shock to their existing fanbase, it also won them a new audience. They made their overseas debut at Oklahoma convention Tokyo in Tulsa in 2016, but sadly, MeteoroiD decided to disband the next year. However, all of the members except vocalist Genki quickly resurfaced in a new project called GreeΣ.
  • gitarr: Yutori [2012 / 2014 - hoppat av]
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