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indies - inaktiv (2006 - 2009)
SIX-R's sound is well known to people who followed the Nagoya visual kei scene around the turn of the millennium. The main writer for the band is Kaine, a former member of Vizell. KISUI, ex-Phobia, is the band's front-man.

SIX-R brings a new twist to an old style. Fans of the heavier Phobia days should be pleased, since the band has songs that are reminiscent of some these Phobia songs. Although the band is still quite young, it already has a large fan base, mostly because of the vocalist's popularity from his former bands.
  • sång: Jun (ex-KISUI) [2006 / 2008 - hoppat av]
  • trummor: Rui [2006 / 2007 - hoppat av]
  • trummor: Reina [2007 / 2007 - hoppat av - supportmedlem]
  • trummor: Toshi [2008 / 2008 - hoppat av - supportmedlem]
  • trummor: Akamine Masayuki [2008 / 2008 - hoppat av - supportmedlem]
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