indies - (2007 - 2015)
A live-centric band, Lycaon has crafted little-known masterpieces in the aggressive rock sphere, and their appeal is much more diverse than just producing fast-paced numbers with screaming and death vocals. Some of their songs are pure sinister wrath, ideal for rocking out to; others have a cool, sexy groove or rely on an irresistible violent beat that will pulse in your blood; and still others place more emphasis on original, unpredictable melodies. Vocalist Yuuki arranges his death vocals into intricate, invigorating rhythms, and his melodic singing in refrains particularly is really something to get excited about.

Like an oshare kei band that favors black, their look is dark, ornate and decadent. Making use of hats, feathers, frills, flowers, chains and bows, their style is one of energy and elegance, just like their music. When you get a chance to see Lycaon, be ready for the room to explode, because this band is the real deal.
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  • : Mio [2007 / 2010 - ]
  • : Eve [2007 / 2010 - ]
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