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Lamiel was created by Yuina (vocals; ex Lustair) and Akira (guitar) in November 1997 and they were joined by aie (guitar; ex Another you and Theia) and Ruka (bass; ex Risk, Lustair) in the following months. At this time, the band started off sounding typically visual but with a bit of a synth sound added in.

On the 16th of the same month, their first demo Fukumitsu was released followed by two more demos in early 1998. Their first mini album, Kaigan, was released in August and was re-pressed in October due to it’s immense popularity. After the release of the single and video Ao, Ruka left the band to join Kein.

Since one of Yuina’s college friends, Hiderou, was also a bassist, he was asked to join to fill Ruka’s position. Hiderou (ex Theia, Another you) initially refused eventually changed his mind and joined Lamiel in early 1999 and brought Theia’s ex drummer, Toki, along with him. The band’s first release the new lineup was the single Toki no Koe, which was followed by a Japan-wide tour.

After the release of two more singles, aie joined Ruka in kein in January 2000. In March, Iori (ex Phobia) joined and the band’s final single was released the next month. The band’s sound became harder and much more aggressive, but unfortunately, the new sound couldn’t be enjoyed for very long as Lamiel disbanded in October after their oneman at Nagoya Electric lady Land.

After disbanding, Toki became a part of deadman and was later joined by aie, who became the principal composer. Yuina, Iori and Hiderou became the band Blast who have unfortunately disbanded but Iori is currently in the Undercode band Siva.
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