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GPKISM started in January 2007 as the solo project of GPK. In April, his song appeared on the compilation album THE FOG PRESENT SILENCE, released in Europe. Later, he also recorded a demo, which was completely sold out via the internet. He presented samples of his songs on his MySpace page and, thanks to that, he gained some popularity and attracted the attention of Kiwamu (BLOOD). As a result, GPK's remix appeared on BLOOD's DEAD-HEARTED EP and, in September, Kiwamu joined GPKISM.

The debut mini-album Sublimis was released on January 20, 2008. In the same month, the band appeared on the pages of CURE magazine, along with an interview. April 13th saw the band's first live, Alamode Night 31 feat. Darkest Labyrinth, at StudioCube236, together with RYONAI (BLAM HONEY) as a support keyboardist. In May, another remix by GPK was included on BLOOD's THE REAPER BEHIND ME album. The duo then made their way to Australia to play six lives, taking them through to the beginning of June. In September, their first maxi-single, Illuminatum, hit the shelves of music stores. On October 12th, they started their Lament of the Fallen Star Tour, which featured a concert in Japan, followed by four lives in Mexico and Costa Rico and another three days in the USA at Necokon.

At the beginning of December, they held a live in Tokyo, RYONAI joining them once again. On December 23rd, they were the opening act for SUICIDE ALI's one-man show, Narciss -Unexplored ground-. The band moved right into 2009 touring with DJ SiSen through Mexico and the United States, with stops including California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. In April, they released the album Atheos and soon after joined Aural Vampire and DJ SiSen in Australia on a four stop tour. In May, GPKISM headed to Europe during the Holy Blood 2009 tour, stopping in Germany, Poland, Italy and Austria. The band returned to the recording studio in the early summer, debuting a new maxi-single by August. In September, they jetsetted across the world again, appearing in Brazil for the Turnê Latino Americana tour.

Finishing out the year with the maxi-single Iudicium, GPKISM rang in 2010 with a coupling tour in the United States. Together with Seileen, they expanded their tour stops to places including Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas and Florida. In June, they released Darkest Labyrinth Vol.2 and by fall, saw the debut of a new single. In November, GPKISM performed at Darkest Fest vol.2 in Shibuya, and finished the year out performing at Ikebukuro LIVE INN ROSA.

While plans for 2011 have not yet been announced, fans can be sure they will see GPKISM back in action soon!
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