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Oshare band Canzel formed on the auspicious date of July 7th, 2007 but disbanded only three years later. Luckily, almost all of the members soon resurfaced with new bands.

Canzel formed on the auspicious date of July 7th, 2007 and had their first live on November 18th at Takadanobaba AREA. The line-up, unchanged since their formation, consisted of vocalist Icchi, guitarists Shiina Mio and Rui, Haku on bass and Yukimi on drums.

In March of 2008 they released their first maxi-single, FiRST STEPS E.P. Fans had only a short time to wait for the next release, as only four months later they had another single out, NeXT SEASONS E.P., which reached 16th on the Oricon indies chart. Gaining popularity from their performances around the Kantou area, when Canzel held a one-man at Meguro Rock May Kan in August it sold out several days in advance. In November they also sold out their one year anniversary live, NEW WINDOWS at Takadanobaba AREA, where they had performed their first live. Its corresponding single, NeW WINDOWS E.P., was released, limited to 500 copies.

The year 2009 proved to be a promising one for the young band as well. Starting in January, the band sponsored two months of live events mostly in the Tokyo area. Their first countrywide maxi-single release, TwINKLE SUNLIGHT E.P., was released on February 4th, 2009 and reached fifth place on the Oricon indies weekly chart, their highest ranking yet. On April 19th they held a one-man to celebrate their fourth maxi-single, FuTURES WORLD E.P..

Spring of 2010 saw another album release for the group, Invit S.p>, followed by a single, HeART SOUNDS, which reached 7th on the Oricon indies singles chart. In July they delivered two best-of albums: BeST SONGS - SOFT TRACKS- and BeST SONGS - SOFT TRACKS, which proved to be a nice going away present for their fans. Their last live was on August 11th, after which the group disbanded, and Icchi was said to have left the music scene all together.

Luckily, fans didn't have to wait long to hear more from these talented men. Shiina Mio, Haku and Yukimi went on to form UNiTE in 2011, which has achieved even greater success than Canzel and is currently one of the brightest rising stars in the visual kei scene. And, speaking of stars, Icchi also resurfaced in 2012 with an exciting new project called ★NO House (HOSHI NO HOUSE).
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