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Megaromania made their first appearance at a Deshabillz's revival live at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on June 1st, 2008 and were already signed to label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Before this live took place, Megaromania had already announced the release of three maxi-singles for May 28th to commemorate their formation. On July 9th, the band released their first mini-album entitled Birth of an 「Idea」.

On July 30th, Megaromania contributed to the CD compilation Visualy[zm] The Cure Century. On November 12th, the band held a one-man live at Meguro Rock May Kan to commemorate the release of Transparent Shine.

Megaromania contributed their song Transparent Shine to the compilation album The End of Missing, which was released on March 4th, 2009. From March 1st to March 13th, they participated in UNDER CODE’s sixth anniversary celebration tour.

Megaromania’s first anniversary was celebrated with two lives, their first one-man on May 31st at Shibuya Ruido K2 and another at Takadanobaba Area soon after.

Over the next few months, Megaromania participated in live events and two-man lives, as well as contributing to another compilation album, JUDGMENT #005. They released their first full album, Prophetic Faction-the Universe, on November 11th that year. Megaromania made their first appearance overseas in Bucharest, Romania on December 13th, becoming the first visual kei band ever to perform there.

On March 10th, 2010, Megaromania released their first selection album, Oblivious. However, the band announced that this release to be their last with their current line-up and they would be taking a brief activity break. This was soon followed by the announcement that drummer Leda would be leaving the band as of March 31st. Megaromania soon announced it would restart activities from May 15th onwards, beginning with a second anniversary live alongside several other bands.

In 2011, drummer Yushi joined the band. On March 23rd they released the single, Oath-cross of eternity-, and not long after, the band celebrated their third anniversary with a tour in Toumeihan (Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya). Also, the release of the mini-album Quintessence Voyage was not far behind. Christmas Day brought out BLESSING MYTH, which could be termed as either a live album or Christmas single, and as for the upcoming new year, Megaromania celebrated it together with another band at a huge event held by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

On Valentine’s Day 2012, the band released the single, Cynthia. In March, they visited Europe for the second time, holding lives in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Megaromania also released a special album, The Birth of Creation, available only from the band’s four European gigs. Upon coming back to Japan, they released the album, Aristical Glint. Before the year’s end, they also released two more singles and a live DVD.

2013 was the year of band’s fifth anniversary. To celebrate it, the band released a best-of album, titled Megaromania, and will hold several lives. Unfortunately, in March their record label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION will close down after ten years in the industry. It is not confirmed, but it might be a reason as to why Megaromania decided to disband after the upcoming final concert on July 31st at Shibuya O-EAST.
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