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SEX-ANDROID was formed in June 1995, and one of its first line-ups included YU-DAI on vocals, YOSHITAKA on guitar, JUNRO on bass and MASA on drums. At first the band’s activities were primarily limited to Harajuku Hokoten (a now closed promenade in Tokyo). In October they released their first mini-album, simply titled SEX-ANDROID. However, it did not become a great success.

In February 1996, there was the first of numerous line-up changes—JUNRO and MASA left the band and later formed LAST BALL PANIC with current SEX-ANDROID guitarist Toru. Other musicians, such as bassist Komachi and drummer Umeki, continued as support members. When the latter left the band in September, his position was taken once again by MASA (though this time as a support member only). Moreover, the band took part in auditions for record label companies but did not succeed. After that YU-DAI was involved in several noted musicians’ projects and the band’s activities were suspended.

SEX-ANDROID returned in 1998 with YU-DAI, YOSHITAKA, and two support members, bassist Hiro and drummer MASA Although visual kei was popular at that time, the members used make-up reluctantly and instead invented their own style. One day they bought white smocks and started to paint their faces white, creating isha rock. At the beginning of 1999 the band released the demo Hatsujouki and saw another line-up change: Hiro and MASA were replaced by TOMO and Azumi, respectively. After the release of SEX-ANDROID’S first full album in December, Shirimetsuretsu, Azumi decided to end his music career and Bakku took his place.

In July 2000 SEX-ANDROID took part in TV Tokyo’s music programme, “Kagayake! Songura Tengoku”, and won a prize. Moreover, the band’s song, “Sakura Chiru ~37564”, was featured on a later released compilation album, Songura CD VOL.1. Encouraged by its success, former LAST BALL PANIC guitarist Toru joined SEX-ANDROID at the beginning of 2001 as a bassist. He then changed his role to guitarist again in September after the departure of YOSHITAKA and Bakku.

The year 2002 was not too busy for the band. In August, SEX-ANDROID’s song, “Natsu ga Kiraina Shanson Ningyou”, was featured on the compilation album, Tokyo UNDER MAP, and in autumn there was another line-up change—bassist SACO left the band, whereupon JUNRO retook his position in January 2003. Since then, SEX-ANDROID’s line-up settled with YU-DAI, Toru and JUNRO--with the addition of changing support drummers. Moreover, the band started to spend more time in the recording studio.

In 2004, the band signed a contract with record label ART POP ENTERTAINMENT, with whom it released its first mini-album in September, Analog byoutou 696. SEX-ANDROID spent the following year touring and released two maxi-singles: Kuruizaki Burning Love in the spring M no koibumi in autumn.

The next years were similar, except for the fact that tours started to include a growing number of venues. SEX-ANDROID regularly took part in an event series called CRUSH OF MODE. In September 2006, the band released its third maxi-single, Jet Stardust Cabaret. Another maxi-single, Hakkyou Lollipop, hit the stores eight months later and was promoted during the summer tour of the same name.

In 2008, fans did not need to wait long for new songs since the band’s second full album, Ochanoma Killer, hit the stores mid-January. Despite the tight schedule, the band took part in a concert in June to celebrate the 10th anniversary of metronome.

After having spent the summer playing gigs in the CRUSH OF MODE-HYPER HOT SUMMER’08- series, SEX-ANDROID took part in Subcult Mystery Tour ‘08 with NoGod and other bands. In late September, the band expanded its discography with the simultaneous release of an album commemorating ten years of isha rock, Kanbai Track 1.2.3- M no Analog kuruizaki -, which features tracks from early SEX-ANDROID releases, and a new maxi-single, Good Morning Subculture. In addition, at the end of the year the band was featured on Bands Shock DVD Vol.7.

2009 began with the release of more maxi-singles: Himegoto in January (which was so popular that it reached up to first place on the indie Oricon chart) and Togeo in April. Spring was filled out with Nakano ishikai [Isha Rock saizensen]. The band also did not forget about lives and took part in the CRUSH OF MODE series and the FOOL’S FEST 09 ~midsummer dream~ festival in August, which was organized by FOOL’S MATE magazine. The end of the year saw the release of SEX-ANDROID’s third full album, Heisei kotonakare shugi!, whose Type-B limited edition contained an additional CD with audio recordings from the radio program “N-WAVE Tokubetsuban”.

To celebrate one of the most important occasions of 2010—SEX-ANDROID’s 15th anniversary—the band embarked on a solo tour in June, titled SEX-ANDROID 15th ANNIVERSARY CRAZY DOCTOR. July saw the release of the maxi-single Shakunetsu no Melody / Ganbare Tonight!, and in October the album B-BONUS-THEATER, which included B-sides from maxi-singles, other rare tracks and video clips, was released. Autumn was busy with another CRAZY DOCTOR tour, while the end of the year was filled with various festivals, such as [Sake~Bangyaru!!] Vol.3 at Shibuya organized by Jinkaku Radio.

SEX-ANDROID kicked off the 2011 with the release of another maxi-single, Kiratte yo, Monamour, which hit the seventh position on the indie Oricon chart; the limited edition, which contained an additional disc, was only available for six weeks. To promote the new release, the band took part in the Rouman-tic Fuyu Kikou -2011- tour with other bands, such as mamono, Baddies, Dennou Oblaat and more. March saw the release of another full album, called The White Rock ‘n Roll Swindle, and promoted it during the spring tour of the same name. The CD was praised by fans and reached up to the fourth place of the Oricon charts. Moreover, at the same time the band’s official fan club, called “Sekuanchan kurabu”, opened its doors. In April the band appeared at the event commemorating the 11th anniversary of record label ART POP ENTERTAINMENT, while in August a special event, YU-DAI NEVER DIE-2011-, was held in one of Nagoya’s clubs to celebrate the vocalist’s birthday. Traditionally, the band would spend its autumns on stage, but this time with the next edition of the CRAZY DOCTOR tour—and as a Christmas present for fans—the first live DVD, Live At The Isha Rock ~Nakano Ishikai – Natsu no Omatsuri Killer ‘11~, was released.

For the first month of the next year SEX-ANDROID spent their time on stage, and in April they released a new mini-album, called Koroshiya Milk-chan, which contains six brand-new tracks. Fans await what the band can show in the future.
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