Kiryuuin Shou

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Kiryuuin Shou

Kiryuuin Shou is the vocalist of visual kei “airband”, Golden Bomber. He works with everset’s tatsuo to compose and arrange all Golden Bomber songs as the other members do not officially play their instruments.

Since January 2011, Kiryuuin Shou has hosted the weekly radio show, All Night Nippon, early Tuesday mornings starting at 1am. Each week, he invites guests onto the show and sometimes he will sing covers of his favourite songs while on air.

Days before playing at Budokan for the first time on January 14, 2012, Kiryuuin Shou held his first solo one man, Hitori Yogari 1, on December 23, 2011. This solo live was received well by fans and so, Kiryuuin held a second solo live of the Hitori Yogari series during Golden Bomber’s Oh! Kinbaku Pic Ai no Seika Relay 2012 nationwide summer tour.

Surprisingly Kiryuuin has not limited himself to solely Golden Bomber-related work, but he has also composed for and worked with other artists, including idol groups from both Japan and South Korea. First, Kiryuuin helped to debut the idol group, Dancing Dolls and arranged their first single, TOUCH A.S.A.P / Shanghai Darling. He composed and arranged Korean pop group Dankoku Danji’s hit single, Love Days. Love Days ranked seventh on the Oricon Weekly music charts and sold over 18,000 copies to date.

As a tie-in with the ever-popular "Kamen Rider" franchise, Kiryuuin sang the theme for "Kamen Rider Wizard", releasing his first solo single, Life is SHOW TIME, under the name Kiryuuin Shou from Golden Bomber.

Unfortunately when it came time for a one-man solo tour, titled Hitori Yogari 3, Kiryuuin was forced to cancel all of his performances, due to unforeseen throat problems that was sure to affect his voice, and currently, there are no plans to reschedule a third solo live one-man.

To commemorate All Night Nippon's 45th anniversary, artists and weekly hosts connected to the radio show performed together at a special at Yogigi Park, on December 15, 2012. GACKT also made an appearance towards the end of the live, and both Kiryuuin and GACKT gave a memorable duet of an older GACKT track, Orenji no Taiyou--a special moment as it is a well-known fact of Kiryuuin's appreciation for GACKT.
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