BUMP OF CHICKEN - You were here

review - 29.08.2014 01:01

A beautifully simple and charming melody marks the band's first single for almost two years.

Hugely successful pop-rockers BUMP OF CHICKEN have sure kept fans waiting for new material. Due to lead vocalist Motoo Fujiwara’s recovery from surgery for a collapsed lung back in March, their concert schedule’s also been marred by delays. Nevertheless, we at last have new music in the form of their 24th single You were here, out on 1st August.

This new digital release doesn't appear on their latest album RAY, released back in March this year. It's markedly mellower than their better known upbeat pop singles, and frontman Fujiwara's very capable vocals take centerstage. Based on a layering format, the track begins as a duet between the vocalist and Yoshifumi Naoi 's soothing, pulsating bassline. This quiet pas de deux is a warm, deep lullaby, with Fujiwara's sweet falsetto in the chorus adding the coup de grace. Later, Hiroaki Masukawa’s playful acoustic guitar joins Fujiwara's looping electric guitar triplets, and with Hideo Masu's featherlight cymbal work, the story is complete. The waltzing 6/8 time signature instils a youthful, fairytale-like quality into this most gentle and understated of songs.

This delicate composition appears to have been conceived as a heartfelt ode to band's loyal fans, live footage of whom features heavily in the official PV for the single. Whatever the inspiration behind it, it is a beautifully simple yet surprisingly affecting piece which clearly demonstrates why the foursome are still going strong after 15 years.

A clip of You were here can be seen below:

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