K's Memorial Concert at Shibuya Club Quattro

live report - 29.10.2014 00:01

A night of remembrance and a time to move on.

A few months had gone by since K, a guitarist of Moi dix Mois, passed away. On September 15th, K's memorial concert was held at Shibuya Club Quattro.

Just as the band announced on their official website, there was a table for fans to offer flowers at the entrance of the venue. Behind the table, K's portrait stood amongst many scarlet roses. He was wearing Moi dix Mois's stage outfit in that portrait. On the left of the portrait, K's black guitar stood enshrined.

So many fans presented flowers that they almost overflowed from the table. There was also a huge flower stand of roses, made by the combined effort of some fans. It held scarlet roses, interspersed with a few white ones in loving memory of the late guitarist. Placards that read "Dear K / Moi dix Mois" and "With love from fans" could be found on the stand together with a small guitar model.

In the concert hall, K's other guitar bathed in the spotlight on the left of the stage. For the concert, his recorded guitar sounds were used. It felt as if K was physically present on stage, enjoying his final performance.

Everyone understood deeply that K wouldn't have wanted them to weep and cry at this concert, so the show began as usual with the five members. Just as with past concerts, the band made their fans excited.

Moi dix Mois played a new song for KBeast side. "Beast" was K's nickname. On his blog, Mana said that he made the song for K. It was heavy, solemn and can be called symphonic memorial metal.

Mana had uploaded the song to YouTube in advance. The YouTube version brings an uneasy, tight feeling to the chest, but the live performance flowed through one's body naturally. Music takes possession of your memory—once you hear it, your memory of it always comes back vividly. Although Beast side evokes sadness, it brings to mind happy memories as well—some of K's most brilliant moments on stage. Regrettably, he has gone, and fans were bereaved, but everyone has to move on with life, giving eternal rest and peace to K.

When the band began to play Deflower, a blanket of silence hung over the audience. For Moi dix Mois fans, it was already well-known that this song has two melodies. Deflower is a unique composition—it is song that requires two vocal lines. In concerts past, Seth and K provided the vocals. However, with the passing of K, one could only wonder how the band would do it.

Tension filled the hall as fans listened to the song. K's familiar voice could be heard over Seth's. Of course, everyone understood it was just recorded sound. Even so, some fans were touched by Mana's exquisite presentation. K's own voice was used on stage. He couldn't be seen, but his presence could be felt. There was a sense of gladness.

During the MC, the band gave all who were present a moment of silence to remember K. Soft music was played, and a bell rang ten times. Seth led the audience to raise their hands high and pray for K in silence. At that moment, some fans sobbed. K would be dearly missed, but as Mana said, "We have to take a new step forward."

After that, the band members came back on stage for an encore, and Seth said, "Let me sing this song for K alone tonight." The band began to play Je l'aime in a ghastly manner.

With Je l'aime, the night's programmes came to a close and the band members went away one by one, leaving Mana alone on stage. Suddenly, he took hold of K's guitar, came to the centre of the stage, and played the guitar madly and crazily. The sounds produced were laden with lamentation, condolence and yearning for K, one of the oldest members of Moi dix Mois. Mana's intense performance reflected K the Beast.

Moi dix Mois couldn't stop there. There must come a time for the tears to stop and a time to accept the reality of what is past. Fans have to move forward, for K and for themselves.

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