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interview - 12.03.2015 00:01

In an exclusive interview, LIGHTNING guitarist IRON-CHINO talks about IRON ATTACK!, his plans for 2015 and the inspiration behind that unique stagename.

What inspired the name IRON-CHINO?

IRON-CHINO: There is a Japanese manga "Kōkō Tekken-den Tough". I like the character "Iron Kiba" in the manga, and his name sounds like mine, so I named myself "IRON-CHINO".

As of Comic Market 87, you've now released over 40 records with IRON ATTACK!. Where do you find the energy to work so hard?

IRON-CHINO: I've been attending Comic Market for over 20 years, ever since I was young. Self-publishing was very attractive for me. I've released over 40 records but I'm still full of creative enthusiasm. I think it's a passion I've possessed since I was born.

IRON ATTACK! recently played its first ever one-man live. How did it feel?

IRON-CHINO: We were at a venue in Akihabara. Despite the fact it was on a weekday, the venue couldn't hold all of the overflowing audience. Moreover, all the people understood my music, and love IRON ATTACK!'s songs and members... Indeed, I was filled with deep emotion. Not only the regular IRON ATTACK! members played, but also YAMA-B and a lot of guests supported me. I was able to make the best memory, with the best show.

Most IRON ATTACK! releases are “Touhou Project” arrange albums. What inspired you to start making this kind of music?

IRON-CHINO: The music of "Touhou Project" is rich in melodic sensationalism all of Japanese composers' own. I thought if I were to reconstruct pieces of Touhou music with melodic metal*, which isn't just my backbone but also my best weapon, then this music could be given a strong spirit. My idea worked splendidly, and a lot of followers were born in Japan.

*"Melodic metal" and "melodic speed metal" are Japanese usages to describe the genre "power metal".

With so many “Touhou Project” songs to choose from, how do you select which ones to rearrange for each album?

IRON-CHINO: I sometimes have a concept for an album, but mainly, I select songs based on my intuitive inspiration.

What can you tell us about your band ABSOLUTE AREA?

IRON-CHINO: ABSOLUTE AREA is a band which arranges anime songs, video game songs and so on with melodic metal. Twin guitars dancing elegantly on anime songs' lyricism and heavy metal's strong riffs; that's my musical foundation.

You collaborate a lot with Minusiyon of Sister's Spread-i. How did you first start working together?

IRON-CHINO: Minusiyon is on vocals in ABSOLUTE AREA. Originally, IRON ATTACK! was formed to record ABSOLUTE AREA's songs. So she and I have been working together since the early days of our musical activities.

IRON ATTACK! have now played in Europe and across Asia. Where do you dream of performing next?

IRON-CHINO: I want to go anywhere; if fans are there, I'll go! I had a show at Japan Expo 2011 with LIGHTNING, and it was a very wonderful convention. But while it's good for me to go to big cities like Paris or Frankfurt, I'm positive I would like to go to smaller conventions in local towns, too.

You produced six new IRON ATTACK! albums in 2014. What does 2015 have in store for IRON-CHINO?

IRON-CHINO: First off, IRON ATTACK! will release in May; amazing and marvellous songs will be recorded. And it's not been scheduled for certain yet, but LIGHTNING might release a re-recorded best-of album of songs from the past seven years sometime in spring. IRON ATTACK! will release a best-of album in summer too, and new works will be released next autumn and winter. In addition, I'm working on a lot of songs for video games or anime characters whose voice actors and actresses now sing. Moreover, this year I'm also planning to make arrangements of "League of Legends", too.

Please leave a message for our readers.

IRON-CHINO: Konnichiwa, everyone! I'll create superb songs which would surprise you, and give magnificent performances which would bring tears to your eyes. Our dream will go on forever so long as you, JaME readers, love my works, and I'll go to see you! As IRON ATTACK!, as LIGHTNING, and as ABSOLUTE AREA...arigato!

JaME would like to thank IRON-CHINO for agreeing to this interview.

Below, you can listen to a crossfade preview of IRON ATTACK!'s latest "Touhou Project" arrange album Dim.STARLIGHT, and a clip of the 2012 song BURN IN HELL featuring LIGHTNING vocalist Yuuma.

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