Puffy x Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Hazumu Rhythm

review - 07.10.2006 13:00

A commendable collaborative effort.

On the surface, the teaming-up of Puffy and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra may seem like an odd combination. Upon listening to their collaborative effort, one can hear how it all fits together in a very catchy and fun fashion.

The single from Puffy x Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Hazumu Rhythm is simply a good time, it partially feels like a recording of a jam session between the two veteran artists. Ami and Yumi supply cute vocals in unison while TSPO are all about fast-paced ska. Hazumu Rhythm is precisely what a fan of both groups wants and expects.

1. Hazumu Rhythm
The song starts out with a bang! The listener is immediately immersed in ska as TSPO’s horns blare. With the end of the short intro the song enters into verse which consists of a moderate blend of Puffy’s vocals and a rapid ska guitar riff. The chorus is catchy pop goodness and the two artists share roles; Ami and Yumi sing and TSPO retort with their brass section. Each artist gets their moment to shine with an unobtrusive solo. Hazumu Rhythm is a well composed song and is definitely a fun listen.

2. Hazumi Rhythm (BACKING TRACK)
“Backing Track” is industry lingo for an instrumental and such. This version of the song is pretty much just Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. For that reason it’s actually one of the better instrumental tracks that I’ve heard featured on a single. TSPO are great musicians and it’s a delight to listen to their material.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10. Hazumu Rhythm is an impressive collaborative single by two accomplished groups. Since it is indeed a collaboration, one can really only expect a single song. But that song is rather good and enticing. I’d like to see Puffy and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra get together for a second single!
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