Hamasaki Yoko - Blue Forest

review - 31.07.2016 01:01

URBANGARDE vocalist Hamasaki Yoko brings her latest solo project "Blue Forest" to bespell and enchant listeners with its mystical tone.

Releasing her first solo project in six years, Hamasaki Yoko's Blue Forest, a collection of seven songs, enchants with whimsical chimes and ethereal vocals that will entertain listeners whilst showing off a different, new sound compared with her work as a vocalist in URBANGARDE.

Opening the mini-album is Gurasu no beddo, a whimsical piece that feels other-worldly at times, but is befitting of Hamasaki's sweet vocals. A cover of Kobayashi Asami’s classic Amaoto wa Chopin no shirabe follows, with this feature track’s notable use of the piano and mature feel creating an intriguing, catchy piece. The third track, ANGEL SUFFOCATION, provides a rest thanks to its relaxed pace, delivering a pleasant feel overall.

Dare yori suki na noni is a breathy, effortless ballad that stands out after the three previous tracks, and whilst it might be the most mellow piece on the mini-album, its dream-like feel and soft sound are sure to intrigue and entertain thanks to its beautiful tone. Forever Us returns to the album’s upbeat nature with a carefree sound and memorable beat that is playful and bright, fitting in with the style of Blue Forest perfectly.

The penultimate track, Nee, is a distinct piece that feels atmospheric, with its light electronic sound delivering a space-like feeling. Its uniquely relaxed rhythm paired with Hamasaki's vocals creates a pleasant experience. Lost Blue fittingly concludes Blue Forest, as its dulcet tone complement the preceding tracks and capture the tone and style heard throughout the mini-album, delivering a sound finale to the impressive solo venture.

With its whimsical, soothing sound, Hamasaki Yoko's Blue Forest captivates and enchants listeners with a variety of tones, ranging from the serene to the mystical. It provides an enjoyable experience, and is a well-crafted work that could not have come sooner.

The music videos for Amaoto wa Chopin no shirabe and ANGEL SUFFOCATION can be watched below:

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