Iwasa Misaki and HAYABUSA at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London

live report - 13.12.2016 00:01

Iwasa Misaki and HAYABUSA bring an energetic and pop twist to traditional enka.

Iwasa Misaki would have not one, but two, live performances at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market this year. The first, a morning performance backed by HAYABUSA, gave the audience a lively and fun set with plenty of interaction and wonderful melodic pieces to cheer anyone up who had just come in from the cold of the winter weather outside.

Iwasa Misaki, also known fondly as Wasamin to her fans, donned a beautiful floral kimono as she serenaded the crowd with an equally lovely and traditional enka ballad. HAYABUSA also, dressed in traditional attire, kept the mood light as they encouraged the crowd to dance, sing and throw their arms in the air in rhythm to the music. Things took an even more amusing tone when they took time to speak to the audience, introducing themselves as ‘ninjas’ whilst Iwasa Misaki beamed from the centre of the stage, waving at the rows in front of her and interjecting, “Yes … but fake ninjas!” which saw the whole room and HAYABUSA break out into laughter.

The set for the morning was shared by Iwasa Misaki and HAYABUSA, both taking equal parts to showcase their vocals and moves and then coming together to perform together as if it was completely natural to do so.

The obvious highlights, other than Iwasa Misaki's beautiful ballads and her natural ability to transfix the crowd with her elegant movements and eye contact, were the brilliantly pop infused Omatsuri Mambo! and the rendition of The 365 Step March that saw plenty of crowd participation and those hovering at the side lines or at the back of the room take notice. This show was one to remember.

Set List

01. Omatsuri Manbo!
02. The 365 Step March
03. Kawachi otoko bishi
04. Tsugaru kaikyo yuki
05. Ebo Lebo
06. Yoi uta
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