THE HOOPERS at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London

live report - 16.12.2016 00:01

Idol troupe THE HOOPERS take the stage by storm with a whirlwind of a performance.

THE HOOPERS stormed onto the stage with passion and energy, the mood definitely hyped on stage and off as the troupe danced, cartwheeled and pirouetted before taking their places perfectly aligned. Lead vocalist Mirai led the way into the first song of the session whilst the other girls brought the harmonies that never faltered once, not even with the sword fighting going on either. It was an absolute whirlwind of a performance that left you breathless just watching them.

Halfway through, THE HOOPERS stopped to catch their own breath perhaps and the lights illuminated the stage. They were joined on stage by a translator who announced that not only was it a special day at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market but it was a certain person’s special day as well. Taking a time out to wish a happy birthday to Haruki, the group and the crowd sang in unison before THE HOOPERS took their places again and led fans into their next song.

New World, which involved another amazing dance routine and audience participation in the way of chants and glow sticks, was a definite highlight of the event. The vocals were perfect and the moves were faultless as the group used every inch of the stage, performing with such a degree of expertise it was difficult to tear your eyes away for an instant.

The only shame was that this event was not a full length concert — 40 minutes was over in no time and the question on many fans lips will be if they will return. THE HOOPERS had performed an exceptional set. It really felt as if they were performing from their hearts and there is no doubt that each person who came to see them live at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market this year left with a bit more happiness in theirs.

Set List

01. Opening Theme
02. Senbonzakura
03. Go! Go! Dance ga Tomaranai - Go! Go!
06. Calc.
07. Love Hunter
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London - United Kingdom
Tobacco Dock
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HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market

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