Fuki at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, London

live report - 08.01.2017 00:01

Fuki takes the HYPER JAPAN stage by storm with her incredible vocals!

The keyboardist Mao was first onstage. He began playing a tune along to the backing track as Fuki coolly made her entrance and dived straight into the song. This track was bass heavy with a slight EDM feel to it, very dance worthy, much to the liking of the fist-pumping crowd. Fuki's cool exterior melted as she got more and more into the song and fist-pumped along with the crowd, but still establishing her strong vocals in those high, long lasting notes with backing vocals provided by the keyboardist. Amazingly, Mao played an electric guitar solo on his keyboard as Fuki danced along.

After the song ended, Fuki went on to introduce herself, “My name is Fuki and I am anime, game, heavy metal singer.” Mao also wanted to speak but his mic had stopped working so he just spoke aloud instead “Nice to meet you. Very, very glad to see you in UK.”

The next song was also quite bass heavy at points but picked up a more groovy vibe as Fuki began singing the chorus, where the pace got faster as the bass let off for a larger electric guitar involvement. Mao was especially enthralled in the performance. During his guitar solo, he tilted his keyboard upwards and was headbanging profusely, which was matched with an equally passionate vocal performance by Fuki as she belted out those high notes.

The following song had a more interesting take to it, incorporating a traditional element, beginning with a Japanese folk flute and a strong electric guitar presence which gave way to Fuki’s passionate singing. There was even a folk flute break in the song and the upbeat chorus got the crowd fist-pumping again and chanting in response. Fuki ended the song with a very impressive lasting note. Thanking the crowd, Fuki went on to say “I’m very happy” and complimented everyone on their amazing cosplay, saying “I love cosplay too” and she listed some her favourites, such as Sailor Moon, among many others. Then, after laughingly asking what anime and manga everyone liked, she moved onto the next song.

The next song, Kagayaku yoru e youkoso!, made an energetic start that got the crowd fist-pumping. This song sounded more theatrical compared to the others, incorporating piano along with a playful melody in the chorus. There was another amazing guitar solo by Mao before returning with high energy to the finishing chorus as the crowd chanted in response. Similarly, the final song was quite theatrical sounding, although some of the faster guitar sections felt slightly reminiscent of speed or glam metal. Fuki's astonishing vocal talent came across, especially towards the end of the song when she sang a challenging long note that only seemed to get higher and higher. Even when the crowd posed with her for a photo at the end she still belted out a final amazingly high note as the picture was taken.
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London - United Kingdom
Tobacco Dock

London - United Kingdom
Tobacco Dock

London - United Kingdom
Tobacco Dock
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