Interview with Fuki at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market

interview - 01.01.2017 00:01

Fuki speaks with JaME on her debut weekend at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market in London.

Hitting the stage for the first time in London at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, female vocalist and musician Fuki speaks to JaME about her experience in the UK, her love for Disney and the connection between metal and traditional Japanese culture.

Thank you for the interview and welcome to the UK. How are you finding London?

Fuki: Thank you, I am very happy to be here. I have been in London today and I went to Oxford Street. We went to the currency exchange because we saw they had a good rate there and then I went to the Disney store! I like Disney and bought some things there. Its very expensive in London ... much more than Japan! I am hoping to see more tomorrow as I have some time free, maybe to do some sightseeing as I would like to see some more of London.

That's good! What are you hoping to see tomorrow?

Fuki: Well, I really like architecture and buildings, so I would like to go and see some of the great buildings and Abbey Road studios!

You performed this afternoon on HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market's live stage. How was the show for you?

Fuki: It is my first time in London, in this country, and I enjoyed performing here and seeing everyone together because they all like Japanese music and Japanese culture. I liked seeing people who were dressed up ... The cosplayers!

Yes! Have you ever cosplayed a character?

Fuki: Ah, yes I have ... many, many characters! I like to cosplay characters from Disney. In Japan we have a musical Disney, and I've cosplayed Peter Pan.

You released your first solo album Welcome in June this year. Congratulations! How did it feel to get that finished product out?

Fuki: Thank you! It's different from the albums that are released with the bands because now there is only Mao who writes with me and I sing the songs, and that is it. I hope though that with this album I can reach new fans as well, those that perhaps haven't heard of me before.

You are a very busy person, being a member of three bands and now your solo career as well, will you be planning any tours to promote this album?

Fuki: Of course I would love to! HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market is the first and the first time I am here in this country. It is only the second place I have been outside of Japan. It took 12 hours to get here! A long time! But I would love to tour other places as well.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to perform, where would you go and why?

Fuki: Anywhere? Just one place? That is hard! I would choose to go back and perform in Malaysia. Malaysia was the first time I performed outside of Japan and it was a great experience for me. Malaysia is a lovely place; their culture ... the people were very friendly and their food is good too!

As you are very, very busy, what do you do to relax in your spare time?

Fuki: Manga! I like to read manga, watch movies and have a drink.

Do you have any musical inspirations, singers or musicians, that you would say have had an effect on your creative path?

Fuki: When I was in school, I discovered Onmyo-za and it was so refreshing. I liked the traditional style of dress. Their music is influenced by things like folklore and ancient legends, but they are a heavy metal band with a female vocalist! So when I am asked a question like this I always answer with Onmyo-za because I was really inspired from a young age.

Style also plays a big part in many musician's careers — like Onmyo-za, bands like Kagrra, and visual kei. Do you have any fashion icons or influences?

Fuki: (thinks for a long time) No.

You are the trend setter?

Fuki: Yes! I studied textiles and I can make my own clothes, so I wouldn't say I have an icon. I make my own style.

Thank you again, enjoy the weekend and sightseeing around London, can you give a final message to your fans?

Fuki: I am looking forward to my time here and HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market has given me the opportunity to reach many more people with my performance and music. I want to reach people outside of Japan and around the world, who will then recognise me as Fuki and enjoy the music.

JaME would like to thank HYPER JAPAN and Fuki for this interview opportunity.
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