AJ Circuit in Ryōgoku Kokugikan “ANISONG WORLD MATSURI 2017”

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OLDCODEX, JAM Project and T.M.Revolution headline at the first ever "ANISONG WORLD MATSURI" in Japan.

ANISONG WORLD MATSURI 2017, which took place in Tokyo on March 26th, is an event originally aimed at providing fans abroad with a high quality live presentation of “ANISONG” (theme songs in Japanese animation). Several leading Japanese entertainment companies, such as Amuse Inc. and Lantis Co., Ltd., have been working together to bring this popular Japanese culture to the world.

ANISONG WORLD MATSURI was actually hosted in Los Angeles, USA in July, 2016 in conjunction with Anime Expo and proved a success, attracting 18,000 attendees. During the March 26th event in Tokyo, it was announced that ANISONG WORLD MATSURI will be returning to Anime Expo this July, take place in conjunction with Bilibili Macro Link-Star phase in Shanghai, China this summer and Otakon in Washington DC, USA in August.

On this early spring day, the event made its debut in the homeland of ANISONG. OLDCODEX, JAM Project and T.M.Revolution put on spectacular performances in the famous sporting arena and home of the Grand Sumo Tournament, Ryōgoku Kokugikan.



OLDCODEX’s vocalist Ta_2 and painter/co-vocalist YORKE. appeared on the stage. Wasting no time, OLDCODEX hit the fans with Feed A, which was featured as a theme song of "GOD EATER". Ta_2’s powerful voice and intense shouting released a huge energy from the stage with hard edged guitar sounds. YORKE. painted his visual images of the song on canvases set up on stage while he sometimes switched his paint brush for a microphone to shout out. Ta_2 and YORKE. head-banged together under the red strobe lights. At the end of the opening number, YORKE. finished his painting by marking the song’s title on the canvas.

“We are OLDCODEX and it is our first time to join ANISONG WORLD MATSURI. Although some of you may think we are healthy kind of guys, because our songs were featured for anime series of basketball and swimming, we are actually bad boys,” Ta_2’s greeting made the crowd laugh. Later, "Kuroko no Basket"’s theme song Lantana, and "HIGH SPEED -Free! Starting Days-"’s theme song Aching Horns followed. During the performance Ta_2 dazzled fans with his emotional, high pitched vocals, while YORKE.’s spray paintings caught the audience’s eyes.

However, seeing colourful cyalume glowsticks, which ANISONG fans often use during a show, was actually a new experience for Ta_2. “Please put your penlights aside. Use your fists and heads and enjoy the next song,” Ta_2 said before the following Deal with. The theme song of "SERVAMP" is a ruthless hard-core rock number. Ta_2’s brutal voice and scream had anime fans in the venue head-banging and fist pumping. Smoke from YORKE.’s spray could be seen from a distance. The painter unleashed himself also by joining his voice with Ta_2’s.

Later, the two front men spoke to the fans. “We would like to make animation fans proud of OLDCODEX,” YORKE. declared. “Japanimation is an important culture just like Grand Sumo. We would like to continue sing, paint and contribute to it,” Ta_2 said. OLDCODEX gave a final burst in the last song Rage on.

JAM Project


A huge ovation welcomed JAM Project. The vocal unit of five veteran artists, Kageyama Hironobu, Endoh Masaaki, Kitadani Hiroshi, Okui Masami and Fukuyama Yoshiki took over the stage. With pounding drum beats and heavy guitar riffs from the backing band, the five singers’ powerful voices exploded out. Fans raised their fists up to the first song, THE HERO!! 〜Ikareru Kobushi ni Hiwotsukero〜, which featured in popular anime series "One Punch Man". The passion and heroism that the five singers embodied in the following number, THE EXCEEDER, gave the fans an adrenalin rush. The new theme song of long running video game series, SUPER ROBOT WARS, was met with an enthusiastic response. The fans’ red glowsticks lit the venue as the singers shouted “Fire!” in turn.

JAM Project continued to represent the spirit of “ANISONG” with HERO. The song began with beautiful a cappella harmony by the five singers. Fans waved their hands in the air and sang along to the singers’ lead. In the middle of the song Kageyama shared his heart with the fans, “I would like to see people in the world to become friends with each other through ANISONG. That is my unchanging determination!” Loud applause showed that the fans supported his dream. Later during the show Kageyama introduced a new music app specialising in ANISONG, called ANiUTa. Several music labels have worked together in inventing the app and they are doing their best to make it available worldwide in future. “I think ANISONG is one Japanese culture which young people abroad could easily relate to. We will continue to work hard to promote it so please support us,” said Kageyama.

Finally, a progressive hard rock song Rescue Fire closed the show. JAM Project’s performance showed that superb musicianship and a strong heart that believes in friendship, dreams, love, justice and victory is what makes ANISONG special.



T.M.Revolution, a solo project by Nishikawa Takanori, was the final artist to perform. Blue glowsticks created a cosmic atmosphere as Nishikawa sang theme songs from past series "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED". The crowd’s cheers filled the venue when they heard the intro of the series’ theme song, INVOKE. Nishikawa sang the melodious song in his signature high tone voice as he walked around the stage, stirring up the crowd. “C’mon!” Nishikawa shouted and he was met with a loud singalong from the fans. His enormous confidence dominated the stage in the following number, ignited.

Later, Nishikawa, whose musical career spans more than twenty years, spoke about his new mission in relation to Japanese manga and animation. He has been appointed as a councillor for the Manga-Anime Guardians Project (MAG Project) by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The project aims to protect official content and the financial well-being of those who work for manga and animation related businesses from piracy. “I am just an otaku, but now I officially work with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry!” Nishikawa’s humour made the crowd laugh. “Manga and animation are wonderful Japanese products and therefore we need to support those who are involved in the industry. Let us get together so that their hard work can be rightly rewarded,” said Nishikawa.

Later, Nishikawa delighted fans by performing Kakumei Dualism. Although singer Mizuki Nana, who featured on the original version, was not here to perform the fans’ voices supported Nishikawa. “I am happy to be able to connect with people beyond the boundaries of musical genres, nations and races. Please know that you guys are actually creating such an era of unity together,” he gently spoke to fans after the song. Finally, Nishikawa sang his heart out in the last song HEART OF SWORD 〜Yoake Mae〜. The fans joined in singing his all-time classic which was featured as an ending song for "Rurouni Kenshin". “We are connected!” Nishikawa shouted to the crowd with a big smile on his face.

Later, a special joint session of JAM Project’s SKILL with T.M.Revolution made a grand finale for the event.

Set List

01. Feed A
02. Lantana
03. Aching Horns
04. Deal with
05. The Experience
06. Scribble, and Beyond
07. Kataru Rhythm
08. Rage on

JAM Project
01. THE HERO!! 〜Ikareru Kobushi ni Hiwotsukero〜
03. The Brave
04. HERO
07. Rescue Fire

01. Inherit the Force
03. ignited
05. resonance
06. Preserved Roses
07. Kakumei Dualism
08. HEART OF SWORD 〜Yoake Mae〜


JAM Project X T.M.Revolution
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