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Pentagon Japan speaks to JaME about their concept, latest single, partying, upcoming A-Kon concert and more.

On June 9th, visual kei band Pentagon Japan will be making their overseas live performance debut at A-Kon 28 in Texas, USA. JaME speaks to the five band members about their concept, latest single, partying, upcoming A-Kon concert and more.

Hi Pentagon Japan, thank you for accepting our interview request. As this is JaME's first interview with you, can you each do a self-introduction and add one interesting fact about yourself to your self-introduction?

Chizuru: Hi, I am the vocalist Chizuru. As I have never been overseas yet, fans may think I am tall, but in reality I am 164cm tall.
Yutori: Hi, I am Yutori of Pentagon Japan, on guitar. I eat my fried eggs with barbecue sauce.
Taku: I am Taku, a guitarist too. I use an iPhone and my mobile operator is AU.
Minpha: my name is minpha. as i struggle with kanji characters, i write everything in hiragana on twitter.*
Atsuki: I am Atsuki, drummer of Pentagon Japan. I often act like an international guy, but I can't speak English.

Why did you name yourselves Pentagon Japan? What is your concept?

Chizuru: Minpha and I were in Call Me, and the band mascot was a rabbit whose name was Pentagon. The name of this mascot then became our band name. The concept of our group revolves around "dark fantasy". Our works often include opposing themes, in the same way the words "dark" and "fantasy" oppose each other.

Your latest single CRAZY TRIBE revolves around the theme of partying. What is the message behind this song?

Chizuru: In Japan, there used to be groups of people called "kabukimono". They were dressed in eccentric clothes and sometimes engaged in outrageous behavior. Adapting this concept to our times, we decided to make extravagant party people the theme of the song.

Since we're on the topic of partying, what, in your opinion, makes the best party?

Yutori: In nice parties, there is nice alcohol (laughs).
Chizuru: It's not so much the place or what we eat that matters in making a good party, but rather the people who are present.
Yutori: Exactly. Alcohol and pretty girls (laughs).
Chizuru: Parties with many people are also great, but if the five of us are together, it is already like a party.

Which of you would make the best party host? Why?

Yutori: I would say that it is often Atsuki who organizes parties!
Atsuki: That's right, I don't like being alone so I like to gather my friends to spend the evening together.

The second track on CRAZY TRIBE is titled mistake. What is this mistake you're singing about?

Chizuru: The inspiration for this song comes from a certain film. It's not related to a particular mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and has regrets in life. The song is made in such a way that the listener makes the connection with his own experiences.

Are you working on any new material right now? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Chizuru: We are currently working on the songs of our third album. It is entitled WANDERLUST and will be released in June.

Let's move on to talking about your USA debut at A-Kon in June. What was your first reaction upon finding out that you've been confirmed for performing at A-Kon?

Taku: My first reaction was "Is that true?" I could not believe that we were going abroad.
Chizuru: I was really happy. During concerts in Japan, the audience is largely made up of people who already know us well. In the United States, we will be in a new country and in front of an audience who does not know us. It is a great opportunity to play in a different environment, and that will surely remind us of our beginnings.

What is your impression of the USA?

Atsuki: I first think of guns. I will probably stay home at night (laughs).
Taku: People in America are frank and extroverted; they hug to greet you!
Chizuru: I suppose the American culture is very different from the Japanese culture, but at the same time also has similar aspects.

Is there some food you want to try in the United States?

Pentagon: Meat!
Chizuru: I would like to eat big portions of meat, like those in cartoons.

What can fans expect from your A-Kon performance?

Chizuru: Often when we try something totally different and new, it does not work as expected. So we want to perform as we usually do in Japan, so that people get to know who we are.

Are you making any special kind of preparations for your A-Kon performance? For example, are you learning some English words and phrases to communicate with your American fans?

Chizuru: None of us can speak English. We only know some words, but I think that in spite of that, we will manage to communicate with gestures and show our emotions with our expressions.
Atsuki: I will probably bring a lot of luggage with me. In addition to a suitcase, I will surely bring a big backpack to take a lot of stuff to the USA with me and bring back many souvenirs too.

Since A-Kon is primarily an anime convention, you'll probably see many cosplayers there. If you could cosplay a character from any anime, who would it be and why?

Yutori: Gakkyuou Yamazaki because it's crazy.
Atsuki: I would cosplay Trunks from "Dragon Ball" because he is cool.
Minpha: i would be uchuujin tanaka.*
Taku: Maybe Danger Grandpa.
Chizuru: I would like to cosplay Hijikata Toshiro from "Gintama". He is a mayonnaise fan, and I am a fan of shichimi (Japanese togarashi pepper spice). I put it in all my meals, and all I eat always tastes the same.

What kind of band do you want your American fans to remember you as after your A-Kon performance?

Chizuru: I would like them to remember us as a joyful, comical, and above all unique band.

Are there other places in particular that you want to visit in the world?

Minpha: the jungle of the amazon rainforest.*
Chizuru: I want to tour Norway to see the Northern Lights and the arctic nights.
Atsuki: I would like to visit Russia.
Yutori: Machu Pichu for me, because it is kind of mysterious.

What are your goals?

Atsuki: Our goal is to do a world tour and become international stars. It could be funny to include unusual locations like Machu Picchu in the tour!

What do you think of Europe? Would you like to go there one day?

Chizuru: Yes! Just by hearing the word "Europe", it sounds stylish. It would be cool to be more popular in Europe and appear in CD rankings!

To conclude our interview, please leave a message for JaME readers.

Taku: I will improve my English in order to be able one day to take an interview in English!
Minpha: i do not like stopovers and even metro changes so i am a little anxious to go abroad but i will do my best.*
Yutori: Hello, JaME readers! We are composing our new songs, so we have little time to learn English. We will try to get into English, and it would be great if foreign fans also try Japanese, so that we get closer to each other in communication.
Atsuki: After the United States, we would like to go to Europe too. We will work hard to get this kind of opportunity. Thank you for your support!
Chizuru: This convention in the United States in June is the first step of our international career. It will allow us to relive our early days, and we will compensate for our lack of English skills by doing our absolute best in music!

JaME would like to thank Pentagon Japan for this interview.

*Minpha's answers are all written in this way to reflect the special way he writes.

Watch Pentagon Japan's A-Kon 28 video comment below:

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