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interview - 16.05.2017 01:01

BRATS talk about their latest songs, return to live performances and more.

Kuromiya Rei is probably best known as one-third of idol group LADYBABY, but did you know that she is also the vocalist for a band named BRATS?

BRATS was formed in August 2011 when Kuromiya Rei, who has been a junior idol since she was eight years old, became a vocalist at the age of 10. Rei’s sister Kuromiya Aya plays the bass, and Aya’s friend Hinako plays the guitar. The band will release their double-single Ainikoiyo/Nounai shoukyo Game on June 21st.

JaME interviews BRATS about their latest songs, return to live performances and more.

We know the word "brat" means "a badly behaved child". Why did you choose to name your band "BRATS"?

Rei: When BRATS was formed, I was really a kid. (laughs) I was selfish and I was actually a brat.

Your song Ainikoiyo was released in 2016 as the opening theme for the anime series "To Be Hero". This song is a lot heavier compared to your previously released song 14-sai byou. What prompted you to transition to a more rock-oriented style?

Rei: 14-sai byou was written and composed by Matsunaga Temma, and produced by URBANGARDE. It is what Temma-san felt BRATS was, and we jumped into the world of URBANGARDE. Now, the three of us are a bit older and we can express more of our own opinions, like "We want to rock more!" We feel confident about our direction, so we have no doubt about our future.

Earlier this year, your song Nounai shoukyo Game was chosen as the theme song for Japanese film "Slaveman". This song is about erasing the past. What kind of thoughts and feelings did you have when you created this song?

Rei: After our staff changed one and half years ago, we paused our live activities to re-think our music. This tie-in unexpectedly came out of nowhere during that break, so I was surprised.
Hinako: We were preparing it for our comeback live show, so yeah, I was surprised too, but I was happy the song was chosen as a movie theme. I want to make more songs like this that have a high-energy feeling.
Aya: When we were recording, we only had a vague idea bout the film's story or its style, so we just thought about what we wanted to do. But the song ended up matching the movie even more than we imagined. I was glad to see that.

Your free live concert at Ikebukero's Live Inn Rosa marked your return to live performances. How did you feel about it and what kind of preparations did you make for the show?

Hinako: I was simply happy to re-start live performances, and I re-discovered how fun a live show was. At the same time, it had a sobering effect on me about what's important in the future.
Aya: During the break from live performances, I kept dreaming about performing again, and hoping that day would come soon. When the comeback live was decided, I was nervous, like "For real? Oh no!" But, we were able to show how hard we'd practiced and trained during the break, so I was happy.
Rei: Since we hadn't performed for such a long time, I was worried, but also looking forward to it. I had a great time!

To conclude our interview, please leave a message for JaME readers.

Hinako: I want to perform overseas soon. I want to go to America.
Aya: Before our CD release on June 21st in Japan, we'll start digital sales worldwide, except Japan, at the end of May! We're coming for you!
Rei: Hi! I'm Rei. Nice to meet you (makes heart sign). I want to perform overseas, so please let me kiss up to you! (laughs)

JaME would like to thank BRATS and RESONANCE Media for this interview opportunity.

Music Video: Nounai shoukyo Game (Brain Erase Game) — Theme song from Japanese film "Slaveman"

Music Video: Ainikoiyo (Come see me) — Theme song from anime "To Be Hero"

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