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interview - 06.09.2017 11:00

Before their upcoming world tour, Juice=Juice speaks to JaME in a video interview about live performances, their music and more.

Formed in 2013, Hello! Project’s Juice=Juice is an idol group whose group name comes from various notions such as: just harvested, freshly picked, spontaneity, natural, freshly squeezed, etc. Not long after their formation, the group received the "Best Newcomer of the Year Award" at the 55th Japan Record Awards, making their mark as a rising unit with no lack of talent.

With four years of successful activities now under their belt including performances in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Juice=Juice is poised to conquer the world this September with their maiden world tour, Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 ~World Tour~. They will perform in Mexico, the United States, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

The girls* speak to JaME in a video interview in Japan before they embark on their journey:

*Editor's note: Juice=Juice recently welcomed two new members, Nanami Yanagawa and Ruru Dambara, who hadn't joined the group yet at the time of the interview.


Videographer and Video Editor - Krys Villaster
Translator - Curls
Background music and concert footage courtesy of UP-FRONT PROMOTION Co., Ltd. and UP-FRONT WORKS Co., Ltd.

Watch the music videos for Jidanda Dance and Feel! Kanjiruyo below:


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The list of Juice=Juice's LIVE AROUND 2017 show dates that have been revealed thus far can be found further down the page.
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