live report - 01.10.2017 01:01

With a beautifully choreographed medley of dance and EDM rock, KAIEN wow the crowd at HYPER JAPAN's weekend festival.

It's 4pm in the live theatre stage and people have congregated together with a curious anticipation for the performance that is about to begin.

The attendees don't have to wait too much longer for the main lights to dim and for the screens that have been playing one of KAIEN's latest music video releases, Mugen, to reset and give a brief introduction to what everyone is about to witness.

A lone figure steps assuredly from the side stage and stands behind the sound system at the back of the stage, beginning the show with an EDM track, a bouncing beat with a flowing current of melody that instantly gets everyone's head bopping along and craning their necks to see what else might be going on. Other than the accompanying light show on the side and middle screens, the only person on stage right now is the DJ.

After about five minutes or so, the rhythm alters and two mysterious hooded and cloaked figures make their way to centre stage. They both perform elegantly, swaying their bodies to the music, in a routine that resembles a fight though never touching one another and at all times remaining hooded. As the music changes again, the cloaks are removed, their routine changes as well as if they are both commanded by this alteration.

The ebb and flow of the music is beautifully done, the dances equally stunning, as KAIEN demonstrate their skills and ability to entertain. The choreography is exceptional and the ease with which each dancer switches costume and gets into character as one track ends and a new track follows is flawless.

It is clear as the show finishes, the final routine having a distinctly Japanese flair with gorgeous red kimono style costumes and a fan dance, that KAIEN have had just as much fun performing as the audience have had watching them.

KAIEN's act today was a thrill from start to finish with perfect precision, their routine executed brilliantly, never once tiring and keeping the audience engaged throughout. Even as the members of KAIEN come back onto the stage after the show to take pictures, looking fresh and full of energy as if they hadn't just performed a half-hour set, it’s obvious that both audience and KAIEN thoroughly enjoyed themselves this afternoon.
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