live report - 25.09.2017 13:00

Rocker SHIN gives HYPER JAPAN fans an evening shake up with a heavy rock and roll performance.

The long Saturday is wrapped up by SHIN, the final performance in the live theatre, and judging by the mass of people squeezing as close as they can (and inadvertently moving the rope that separates the stage from the audience further forward) one of the more anticipated shows of the event. This is surely to be one performance that will not disappoint!

After a short sound check with his back to the audience, SHIN turns on his heels and shouts through his microphone, "Are you ready London!?" The answer is screamed back by an ever increasingly excitable crowd who reach forward as if by instinct towards the man on stage as he leads into the first full song of the night, paradox.

jack the ripper follows and SHIN controls the room, taking the lead on stage as though he was born for this as he belts out his songs and plays the guitar, as though he has known nothing else in his life. The audience match this energy completely, singing along and throwing their fists into the air as you would at a rock concert. There is only this one single piece of rope between them which may as well be imaginary, as the fans put their all into enjoying seeing SHIN and his accompanying band members here performing in London.

The set ends on the highly melodic restart. SHIN reacts to the audience and his fans professionally. In one moment he elegantly extends an arm, reaching out into that dark space between stage and front row, as he serenades through the microphone. In another moment SHIN and the band are tearing up the stage, headbanging in perfect synchronicity to the deep shred of the guitar and fast pace of the music, whilst the audience follow suit throwing their fists into the air in time to the beat and singing along to the catchy chorus.

Of course nothing would be complete this weekend without the obligatory selfie as has been the finishing touch to each live performance today. As SHIN sits, the crowd gather around trying to make sure they get in the frame, and a couple of photos later the show has finished and it is time for home (or hotel!).

Tonight's final performance from SHIN seemed to start and be over in a whirlwind. However, what a storm it was! The Japanese rock star performed a brilliant show this evening and we cannot wait to see what he brings in the future, be it new material or a solo tour perhaps, but what is certain is that this weekend promised a plethora of great artists and SHIN matched all expectations and more to give the HYPER JAPAN attendees this Summer a weekend not to be forgotten.

Set list

01. SE
02. paradox
03. jack the ripper
04. dirty hurry
05. restart
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