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interview - 28.10.2017 01:01

If it makes you laugh it’s great; if the fans have fun — it’s all we need!

Visual kei band Jin-Machine comprises four members with colourful personalities. Together, they create wacky music with elements of comedy, anime and otaku cultures. In 2016, the band held their first overseas live performance at Anime Weekend Atlanta in the USA. In an interview earlier this year, Jin-Machine told JaME all about their crazy music.

Hello Jin-Machine! Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. To start us off, please tell us one fun fact about each band member!

Jin-Machine: Our band consists of MC/vocalist featuring16, guitarist Magical Himori, drummer Kimura Kaere and our destroyer attsu the destroy. featuring16 is a very artistic man. Mixing his views on arts with progressive pop-rock from Himori and Kimura, adding attsu’s beloved anime and otaku cultures, we create absolutely crazy music.

Jin-Machine is known for incorporating comedy into music. Where do you get inspiration for comedy from?

Jin-Machine: Usually, featuring16 pitches an idea and Himori, together with Kimura, puts it into shape. We think of something like "Rock bands usually don't do this; it can make the fans laugh".

When creating a song, does the music or comedic element come first?

Jin-Machine: When a song has the theme from the very beginning, we just make final touches and add humour. However, sometimes featuring16 can write really weird lyrics to an absolutely normal song and that’s when miracles happen. Even though the composer has mixed feelings about it, the song can turn out absolutely hilarious and we stick to this version. We have an agreement inside the band: If it makes you laugh it’s great; if the fans have fun — it’s all we need!

What do you do if you are not feeling cheerful before the live?

Jin-Machine: In fact, all of us are a bit neurotic — that’s why we usually spend time before the live in silence. But before that we laugh, goof around and cut the cheese — having fun, in other words. Yes, we are a band who likes elephant jokes!

On March 15th, you released a single Ganbare! Sakura, adios, which can be described as a "graduation song, Jin-Machine style". Tell us about your personal experience with graduation in junior high or high school and if it shaped this song in any way?

Jin-Machine: In Japan all graduation ceremonies are the same; everybody does the same things everywhere. Naturally, there can be eccentricities. We sing about such eccentricities carried to the point of absurdity.
featuring16: I wrote this song. At the time of middle and high school I didn’t think about being in a band.

On the same date, March 15th, you also released an album titled Zen nihon omoshiro senshuken. Please, tell us more about the themes of this album.

Jin-Machine: We tried to include what we find interesting in this album; something that others — be it a band or solo artist — wouldn’t use. We told them what we found funny, putting it into lyrics and expressing it in the music. We are pretty sure we made the best album of silly songs ever released in Japan.

The album Zen nihon omoshiro senshuken offers a variety of genres from metal to traditional enka. How does it feel to work with such different styles? Which genre did you find the most interesting to work with?

Jin-Machine: Each genre has its own rules. We did only the things that artists who work in these genres won’t do. That’s why all of them were interesting to work on. However, in every genre there are people who challenged new things and failed but tried again and again. Of course, we respect them and thanks to such people we can create music freely.

Which song from Zen nihon omoshiro senshuken would you recommend to people who haven't heard of Jin-Machine before>?

Jin-Machine: Ganbare! Sakura, adios. We think there is no song in the entire world that has so many genres mixed in it. We call it "progressive comedy rock".

2017 marks your 11th year of activity. Looking back, what are some of the more interesting or memorable encounters you've had together?

Jin-Machine: Looking back we can definitely say that now is the best time. In the past, we had difficulties; there weren’t many fans to support us. Of course, we can’t say that there are crowds of supporters now. However, we are happy to be able to perform onstage with this line-up. We are thankful to each other and to our fans, naturally.

Do you have any specific goals for the future?

Jin-Machine: We want as many listeners as possible to know about us, as many people related and unrelated to the music industry as possible. We want them to say "These guys are crazy! Hilarious!"

Any plans to take Jin-Machine overseas this year?

Jin-Machine: Unfortunately, no. Last year we performed in Atlanta. It was our first overseas show. We learn a lot that time and wish to go overseas again.

To wrap up our interview, please leave a message for JaME readers.

Jin-Machine: Jin-Machine is a band that creates new crazy music which has no counterparts anywhere — neither in Japan, nor in the world. All our lives we live in Japan and don’t know if you like it or not. We are trying to represent our country in a good way and dreaming of once holding a concert for citizens of all countries. So we’ll keep working for that. Please, give our music a try.

JaME would like to thank Jin-Machine and Chaotic Harmony for this interview opportunity.
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