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interview - 17.11.2017 06:32

Creating uniquely Japanese music out of chaos.

Art rock band KAO=S was formed in April 2011 with the aim of creating a new style of Japanese art out of the turmoil that followed the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The band combines soulful vocals, powerful sword dancing, the acoustic guitar and traditional Japanese instruments such as the three-stringed tsugaru shamisen to create music with a uniquely Japanese flavor.

Earlier this year, JaME met up with KAO=S in Tokyo, Japan for an in-depth video interview. Check it out!


Videographer and Video Editor - Krys Villaster
Onsite interpreter - Tomoko Davies-Tanaka
Translators - Kiyoko, polina, Dru Bastedo, Ariane, Tomo
Background music and music videos - KAO=S
Live house - Kichijoji Planet K
Interview venue - Traditional Japanese musical Instrument BAR "Ryu Guw"

Watch the music videos of Roaring Tokyo and Sakura no oni below:

KAO=S is currently working on their new album, slated for release early next year. The album will feature music producer / sound engineer Kenji Nakai, who has worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, X JAPAN and many others. Photos will taken by Mikio Ariga, who is the official photographer of The Rolling Stones. The new music video will filmed by Tomoo Noda, who has done videos for GACKT, L'Arc~en~Ciel and BUCK-TICK's new song. Many guest musicians including Japanese drummer SOUL TOUL, erhu player Shin from China, morin khuur player Senjiya from Mongol and tabla player Tansen Shrivastava from India will contribute to KAO=S' new album.


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