kamitsuki - CLOCKWISE HERO

review - 11.02.2018 14:02

A mini-album packed with emotions.

It’s always interesting to watch young bands progressing because you never know what music they’ll create in the future. kamitsuki is definitely one of these intriguing bands. On the one hand, they haven’t found their own unique style yet, but on the other hand, the band has already shown its temper and recognizable features. kamitsuki are evolving gradually, step by step. Their second mini-album CLOCKWISE HERO, and their second release in total, is not only interesting in terms of music, it also represents the band’s growth.

In general, kamitsuki’s music is a type of Japanese rock that reminds you of anime openings. But that’s not a minus; the music still sounds good. It’s not entirely unique, but hey, the band was only formed in 2016. Moreover, kamitsuki’s songs have powerful energy, charging you up, and strong emotional vocals.

Unlike their first mini-album, CLOCKWISE HERO feels more integral, more holistic. Songs melt into one another more smoothly and you can’t say that each of them is living its own life. The band use “minutes” instead of the usual track numeration and this little detail fits the concept well. The release gives you something new with every move of the clock hand.

Powerful, punchy SKYWALK is a great opening blast and you’ll probably need some time to recover from this explosion of energy. The next song, 7th Android, is more light and rhythmic. With the help of bright guitars and dynamic drums the song invites you, if not to dance, then definitely to move your body to the beat.

After a few seconds of deafening silence you’ll be overwhelmed with the piercing sensuality of KAZOEUTA. Here kamitsuki open their lyrical talents while vocalist MiZUKi perfectly expresses the emotions of this song. If the first two tracks literally punched you with loud powerful music, the third creates a soft atmosphere with touching and sincere vocals.

With the final two songs the mini-album speeds up again. Aguri Saikopasu (Ugly Psyhopath) is a fast-paced track with dynamic instrumental parts and nervous, even heartrending vocals. Cold Rain once again brings MiZUKi to the front. Her beautiful voice wraps the whole album up with a huge emotional blast which leaves you stunned for a few minutes after the music ends.

kamitsuki are a young band, but don’t be fooled by their age, they can definitely make breathtaking music. These are not “new heights” in the genre, but their songs will stick in your head thanks to their great energy and catchy, emotional vocals. CLOCKWISE HERO shows that the band is slowly but steadily moving forward. Hopefully, in the right direction.
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