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In their second studio album release, NECRONOMIDOL bring listeners and fans into their world of eerie and cute through some beautiful dark wave, metal music.

Formed in 2014, NECRONOMIDOL have made a name for themselves in the growing anti-idol scene of the Japanese music industry. Made up of members Kakizaki Risaki, Sari, Yotsuyu Hina, Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari, these five singers have adopted a striking look that disturbs followers and a sound that drifts into the realm of eerie and cute.

With four singles, three mini-albums and two studio albums under their belts, NECRONOMIDOL have brought a diverse set of sounds to their own world of creepy and kawaii, capturing the attention of fans both in Japan, and outside of it.

On January 5th this year, French label Specific Recordings released three exclusive European editions of DEATHLESS, NECRONOMIDOL’s second studio album, on vinyl. The vinyl’s cover is a morbidly beautiful piece crafted by French artist, Pierre Weird. DEATHLESS was originally released in Japan on February 22nd last year, and its eight new tracks feature some 80s nostalgia, as well as the eerie and kawaii.

END OF DAYS opens the album, treating its listeners to an enjoyable track which features an intense, pounding instrumental paired with oddly calm vocals. The contrast between the instruments and the members’ singing voices is a striking combination, allowing the overall tone of the song to feel quite disturbing, yet beautiful.

Track three, SKULLS IN THE STARS, has a familiar sound akin to the 80s. Fast, punchy and fun, NECRONOMIDOL blend their own flavour of J-pop with electronica, creating a beautiful dark wave sound that makes it one of the more memorable tracks of the album.

KERES THANATOIO is another great track that features some heavy drum and guitar solos throughout the instrumental, as well as some rather enchanting yet creepy vocals. HEXENNACHT, the sixth song on the track list, is the oddball of the bunch. Its rhythm is a lot softer than the other songs, having a quality similar to that of a lullaby. With its dark, quiet sound, HEXENNACHT rises with each beat, and the added effect of the ticking in the background only adds to the nightmarish quality of the song. Every sound effect, the vocals and its pace are mesmerising, but in a dangerously beautiful way.

The final track, as well as the featured song on the album, is ITHAQUA. Once again featuring the delicate vocals of NECRONOMIDOL amidst the powerful backing track, this synth and metal creation is haunting, but beautiful. ITHAQUA might not be the most powerful song on DEATHLESS, but its gothic, upbeat, and perhaps even lonely sound is memorable and entertaining, and definitely worth a listen for those experiencing NECRONOMIDOL for the first time.

With eight tracks to sit through, each one is worth a listen. Though some may have a similar sound, each is distinctive and charming in its own right, and all eight songs show the unique style that NECRONOMIDOL hold as an anti-idol group. DEATHLESS is a great album full of memorable, fun tracks and it’s an ideal starting point for anyone interested in beginning their journey into the dark and wonderful world that NECRONOMIDOL have created for themselves.

DEATHLESS can be purchased from iTunes and Specific Recordings' Bandcamp.
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