Straightener - BERSERKER TUNE

review - 31.10.2006 12:00

It's so good, you'll go 'bersek'.

Straightener is one of those bands that are difficult to classify. Their sound consists of an array of genres and styles that blend to form something all their own. The trio’s latest single, BERSERKER TUNE is no exception. The primary single sounds uniquely “Straightener” while the second track provides for a nice surprise.

With the first chord progression, BERSERKER TUNE sounds like something a Straightener fan, such as myself, would come to expect. Lead singer Horie Atsushi’s voice cuts in with a bit of a mouth-too-close-microphone sound to it. This is the first instance in which the song’s raw sound is noticeable. As BERSERKER TUNE progresses into the chorus the melody becomes apparent. The second verse perplexes me a bit. Incorporated in the song at this point is a voiceover by Atsushi whom repeats some lines. That element in itself isn’t too odd but the song volume seems to turn down as he speaks. Different... just like the rest of the song.

2. Electrography
I didn’t know what to expect once BERSERKER TUNE concluded. That left my ears open to whatever Electrography had to offer. This second track on the single impresses me a lot. It’s soft, slow, and acoustic; the polar opposite of the preceding track. Most notably, Electrography consists of a simple acoustic guitar riff with a warm synth layer atop it in some instances. When compared to much of Straightener’s other material, it makes sense why this may be a b-side but it really could work as a standalone track.

OVERALL SCORE: 9/10. Though BERSERKER TUNE and Electrography are very different tracks they’re equally good listens. With the two combined, Straightener’s BERSERKER TUNE single release is very awesome and leaves the listener wanting more.
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