ariel makes gloomy - oxymoron

review - 03.07.2018 01:01

Unpredictable variety.

ariel makes gloomy’s first EP had such magnificent atmosphere and mixed different music genres so well that it was really hard to stop listening to it. However, it made us even more eager to wait for the new release to see where amg would go next.

And the wait was definitely worth it. After the first EP there were some doubts that ariel makes gloomy had succeeded in finding their unique style on the first try, but oxymoron dispels those worries completely. The second EP features the familiar impressive mixture of music genres, but now with a little experimentation. All tracks are composed almost perfectly without the feeling that any element is out of place.

The four songs on oxymoron are more independent compared to the first release. This time they are not combined into something bigger, but nevertheless are interesting on their own. focal point is filled with electronic elements which sound a bit unusual at first, but the more you listen to this song, the more you understand that without the pop vibe it would lose an important feature of its atmosphere. After the long instrumental part the second track, twilight, suddenly slows down, freeing the place for the powerful bass guitar, muffled vocals and intriguing sound effects. This creates an unusual feeling of falling down into the track, especially if you’re using headphones.

Rhythmic and calm gradation is fuelled by the great bass line, which is supported by the keyboards and enjoyable vocals. The last track of the release, place before dawn, is an unpredictable, astonishing, constantly changing song, which leaves a feeling of imponderable sadness.

ariel makes gloomy continue to move in their chosen direction and surprise listeners with high quality sound. oxymoron is more versatile than the first EP but still manages to preserve the ‘cosmic’ charm of the band. amg’s music is a good choice if you want to step away from reality and get lost in a whirlpool of genres. Don’t miss them.

The digital version of oxymyron is available for streaming via Apple Music and Spotify.
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