SID 15th anniversary LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2018 at Zepp Tokyo

live report - 22.07.2018 20:01

A night of aggressive songs only.

On June 16th, SID performed the final concert of their 15th anniversary LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2018 at Zepp Tokyo. As a follow-up to the concert held the day before that featured the fans’ favorite tunes, this one was labelled as “aggressive songs only” and focused on the band's heavier hits.

After appearing on the stage one by one accompanied by the audience’s cheers, the band members kicked off the performance with dummy. During Rinjin, the fans started to get fired up, screaming along with vocalist Mao. SID then performed ENAMEL, which is known for being the opening theme for "Black Butler: Book of Circus". The song XYZ, from SID’s latest album NOMAD, brought a different atmosphere to the venue, with multicolored lights flashing on the stage and energetic instrumental parts.

After having the audience dance along to the sounds of Re:Dreamer and MUSIC, the band members spoke one after the other, reminding everyone of the extra dates for the 15th anniversary tour taking place on June 27th and June 28th. The lights then became more subdued for capsule’s soft introduction, before transitioning into Hitsuyouaku’s more mysterious vibe. VOICE, one of the band’s newest songs that already seemed to be popular among the fans, made the audience dance and clap along.

Despite the “aggressive” theme of the concert, the fans were relentless and continued to dance and sing fervently during the performances of Dear Tokyo, one way and Propose. During Memai, the audience was taken over by headbanging once again before the band left the stage.

Hearing the audience clamoring for an encore, SID came back in full force and performed Akagamishafo and the heavier Keirei boui before hastily leaving the stage again. They came back once more, however, for two intense final songs, park and Yoshigaimanabu Juunanasai (Mushoku), during which the band members and fans alike gave it their all until the very last note.

At the end of the concert, SID made three announcements: the release of a DVD for their TOUR 2017 NOMAD, a new 15th anniversary tour titled Ichiban suki na basho, which will be starting this September, and the release of a new mini-album with the same title. This new mini-album will be released on August 22nd, and it will contain five tracks including VOICE, which was performed during the concert.

Set list

01. dummy
02. Rinjin
04. XYZ
05. Re:Dreamer
07. capsule
08. Hitsuyouaku
09. Butterfly effect
11. Dear Tokyo
12. one way
13. Propose
14. Memai


01. Akagamishafo
02. Keirei boui

Encore 2

01. park
02. Yoshigaimanabu Juunanasai (Mushoku)
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