MIMIZUQ 60min Showcase ONE-MAN LIVE “Kurayami de Hikaru” at Shinjuku BLAZE

live report - 06.10.2018 08:22

CASCADE vocalist TAMA, Psycho le Cému members AYA & seek, and ex-Hysteric Blue drummer Kusunose Takuya’s new band made a great first impression at its debut showcase live.

MIMIZUQ held their first showcase live on September 8th at Tokyo’s Shinjuku BLAZE. This new band made up of accomplished musicians was just formed on June 22nd. Before the show, fans made a line to purchase the band’s live-limited single Zutto suki deshita. The show consisted of an afternoon part and an evening part. This report covers the evening show, which was titled Kurayami de Hikaru.

At the beginning of the show, drummer Kusunose Takuya, bassist seek, guitarist AYA and vocalist TAMA surprised the fans by appearing from the venue’s entrance door. The four members all raised umbrellas and walked through the all-seated venue to the stage. The members stood side-by-side on the stage and closed their umbrellas. Applause filled the venue as the members bowed to the audience.

The first song, Grand Guignol, declared the beginning of the band’s new journey. TAMA’s clear high-toned voice created a bond between the band and the fans during the song, which featured a heartwarming melody. However, heaviness took over during the second song, Zigzagza. Fans fist pumped to seek’s vocal interlude and danced along with AYA’s choreography. Each band member’s signature style filled the fans with excitement. The show continued with the dance-rock song Tokyo INVADERZ. AYA continued to dance with the fans using the band’s logo towel while support guitarist SIN played. Kusunose, with a big smile on his face, encouraged fans to dance around with his rhythmic drum beat.

“Nice to meet you! Welcome to our first show. We are MIMIZUQ,” TAMA greeted the fans. “We will do our best to deliver our cool, fun, and touching music to you guys,” he said. Then, the band played the live-limited single Zutto suki deshita. Combining TAMA’s rich voice and the sure presence of each sound the instrumentalists produced, the uplifting song’s catchy melody had fans swaying. Fans continued to enjoy the band’s music by singing along to Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame.

Later, each member took some time to greet the fans. During the self-introduction, AYA referred to his position in the band as the “clown”, and revealed that the band’s name is partly derived from each member’s family name. “Our family names all have the word ‘mizu’ in them,” the clown said, making the fans laugh. The band closed the showcase live by playing the dance-rock song Kurayami de Hikaru, and then the last song, NEW HOPE, which left the fans eager to see how their music will evolve over time.

During the encore, the band’s frontman TAMA once again spoke to the fans. “We will create more great songs and play a lot of shows. Please follow us.” His words were met with applause. After the speech, the band gave the show a final blast by playing PINKY PUNKY PARTY!!. During the song, AYA danced around with the band’s logo flag, and TAMA wowed the fans with his recorder flute solo. Finally, the band closed the show by once again playing their important song Zutto suki deshita. The fans’ ovation filled the venue as the band members took their last bow together.

MIMIZUQ will start their first tour this December, playing shows in both Osaka and Tokyo. The tour dates are available on their official website.

Also, MIMIZUQ will put out three consecutive monthly digital releases starting in October. PINKY PUNKY PARTY!! will be released on October 17th, Zigzagza will be out on November 14th, and Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame will hit stores on December 12th.

MIMIZUQ’s showcase live will be broadcasted on Niko Niko channel’s KSP LIVE CHANNEL on October 19th, at 21:00 (JST). Details on the broadcast are available here.

Set list

01. Grand Guignol
02. Zigzagza
03. Tokyo INVADERZ
04. Zutto suki deshita
06. Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame
07. Piggyback
08. angel song
09. [syrup]
10. Kurayami de Hikaru

13. Zutto suki deshita
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