Yorushika - Makeinu ni Encore wa Iranai

review - 25.11.2018 00:01

Sweet mini-album served with a magical voice.

Musician and composer n-buna started his career working with vocaloids. The results were great, so last year he went further and formed a band called Yorushika with female vocalist suis. The duo play light rock, but with such memorable vocals and catchy atmosphere their music immediately captures the listener. This is the reason why Yorushika’s second mini-album will probably anchor in your playlist for a long time.

Six of the nine tracks are very lively and create a bright picture in one’s imagination. The other three pieces are beautiful instrumental sketches, each about a minute long. They open the release, give time to breath in the middle and then close the mini-album.

However, you’ll find an emotional whirlwind between them. The second track, Makeinu ni Encore wa Iranai, explodes with an animal howl and catchy riff, welcoming suis to the party. There’s a high probability you will instantly fall in love with her soft airy voice. One may even think that it’s impossible to have such beautiful vocals — well, it is real. suis brings a lot of emotions to the tracks, especially when she sings more quietly than usual for a few seconds; or uses begging intonation; or sings like nobody is listening, only for herself. Then, calm and heart-warming Hitchcock is a great example of what the duo can offer.

The album features fast paced pieces, too. Try Bakudanma or Jyun Tomei Shonen — they’re full of energy and always ready to share it with the listener. Speedy tracks are mixed with more lyrical ones, which works well for the mini-album’s diversity. Closer to the ending, it will be fair to highlight Tomin with its simple but intriguing guitar sound that intertwines with touching, slightly sad vocals. The impact of this simplicity and sadness is so strong that it will make you replay this song again and again.

Considering their genre, Yorushika did a great job. Makeinu ni Encore wa Iranai is sometimes lyrical, sometimes more dynamic, and you just can’t get enough of it. You’ll constantly come back to it for the new shot of emotions. And every time will be like the first one.
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