sukekiyo “2018 live ‘Mania no shikan’ -Shikkoku no gi-” at Tokyo International Forum Hall C

live report - 15.03.2019 00:01

Join us and let your soul wander into the dark fantasy of sukekiyo.

Already five years. It's been five years since sukekiyo, the visual kei superband composed of Kyo (DIR EN GREY), Takumi and Mika (RENTRER EN SOI), YUCHI (kannivalism) and utA (9GOATS BLACK OUT) was formed. Far from the status of a simple side band, sukekiyo has established itself as a unique musical entity in the world of visual kei. This last date of the Mania no shikan tour is the best opportunity to witness the artistic evolution of the group. Let’s take a look at it …

The venue is packed; the 1,500 seats of the beautiful Hall C of the Tokyo International Forum are taken. The audience is mostly female, but we notice maybe more men than usual for a visual kei show and also people from 18 to 50 years old, proof that the band has successfully seduced many generations. Tonight’s show will be filmed and everyone follows the dress code “full black”, some even dressed as to go to funerals (Western and Japanese style). The curtain rises …

There’s only one word to describe the state of mind in which the band leaves us … “Wow!” The first thing to talk about is the stunning scenography. In addition to the traditional screens at the back of the stage, a huge transparent veil covers the entire scene just in front of the group. Thanks to this veil, the magic of technology makes it possible to create huge holographic effects. We are cradled by the waves, dazzled by the flames and bewitched by various forms — sometimes a nightclub, sometimes a church, sometimes ... something else. Far from being a simple gadget, this technology brings more immersion, depth and poetry into the show. This is the kind of scenography that gives full meaning to the concept of visual kei.

About the set, we have the pleasure to hear songs from all of sukekiyo’s discography, from debut song such as mama to the brand new single kisses along with hit songs like anima. We are even surprised with an unreleased song called Tada、Mada、Watashi — there’s no doubt that this one has the potential to become another hit song of the band.

We cannot end this live report without talking a little bit about the band’s performance. It is undeniable that while our ears are focused on the maestria of each musician, we only have eyes for Kyo. With his impressive vocal technique and stage presence, Kyo (and of course the other members) offers a truly amazing performance.

There’s only one regret: the lack of interaction with the audience. There’s neither MC nor encore, nor any words expressed except for the now famous “goodnight” from Kyo, meaning that the show is really over. But, well … to be fair, this is part of sukekiyo’s myth. In the end, everyone is delighted by this show, an hour and forty-five minutes of pure pleasure for both the eyes and ears. Thanks to this kind of show, there’s no doubt sukekiyo will propel visual kei to a whole new level.

Set list

01. Giji Necromancer
02. gunya ketsuron。Soshite Chinamako。
03. Hidauta
04. Junboku,Mukudearouga
05. Mannerism na tsumetaisouretsusya
06. kisses
07. En
08. Kubitsuriyuugu
09. Saredomichizure
10. Shiryouno Ariana
11. Madaraningen
12. Mimizozo
13. Aoguroi Hysteria
14. mama
15. 12ji20funkonrinzai
16. anima
17. Tada、Mada、Watashi
18. Naburi
19. Hakudaku
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