Dio - distraught overlord Interview in Europe

interview - 15.03.2008 12:00

JaME's interview with the young visual kei band the day after their show in Paris.

Despite being a fairly young band, having only started activities in 2006, Dio - distraught overlord is taking the world by storm with their striking appearance. After holding a show at a French event last year, they returned to Europe a second time for a tour. The tour comprised of fifteen concerts and spanned across the whole of Europe.

After their show in Paris, JaME caught up with the five members of Dio for a brief chat.

First of all, can you introduce yourselves to the readers of JaME?

Denka: My name is Denka and I'm the drummer.
Ivy: I'm Ivy, bassist.
Kei: I'm Kei, guitarist.
Manager: Erina is a guitarist too, but he is not here yet.
Mikaru: I'm the singer, I'm Mikaru.

What are your impressions after the show last night?

Mikaru: We did a show at Japan Expo last year, but this time it was different because it was a show with fans of Dio, and we felt like we'd been waited for. We were relaxed, we felt good so we could play without tension in our usual natural way. I am very honored to have had this opportunity to make this show.

What about your feelings about coming to Europe?

Erina (having just arrived): Our state of mind is quite complex because it's different from the last time. Although this is the second time that we've come here, it's not the same thing. There are different expectations, with an opening towards others things. We wondered what awaited us.

Erina, what did you think of the show?

Erina: My impression is that all the constraints and stresses were removed in one swoop. We had worries because until the last moment, we didn't know how things would go with the organization. We didn't know if there would be an opening act, how long we would play, etc. It influenced our state of mind, but when we arrived on stage, the public immediately responded. There were less people than at Japan Expo, but they had more energy.

A mini album will be released very soon, did you play songs from it yesterday?

Erina: Yes, we played three. (thinking) Uh no, four of the five of this mini album.

Is this album different from the others?

Mikaru: Heaven's Call is different from the Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana maxi singles. It's not a continuity of the story developed through the three singles, it's a new challenge. But despite this, you'll find the typical musical universe of Dio. For us, it's something else, it's like a new born.

It's a change in direction?

Mikaru: Musically, we put in more power; I'm sure that fans will feel the new dynamics, which will feed off the number of people listening to it.

What do you think about the person sitting next to you?

Denka (about Erina): We are very close musically. He has a good character, he is sincere, very open, he's someone who acts quickly!
Erina (about Kei): We are both guitarists and our universes are very close. When we meet to practice, we have "guitar battles" (they mimic), we both love heavy metal (laughs). I'm very sensitive to details and he doesn't care (laughs).
Kei(about Ivy): Ivy is someone charming but he is an otaku. He is sweet and sensitive, and also very punctual unlike me. I've kept my look since the beginning but Ivy changes his all the time, it's one of his qualities.
Ivy (about Mikaru): He is a rebellious boy but not as violent as he is on stage. He is thoughtful, he helps carry everyone's bags, for example (laughs). It's strange, he likes quiet music and yet he sings in a different way. He's a revolutionary on stage but not in real life. He is also self-centered, but it's only about his appearance.
Mikaru (about Denka): He is certainly the most intelligent of us, he knows how to put what he thinks into words. But physically, he is irresistible, and looking at him is calming (laughs). I think he is the king of calm in our family.

Do you have a last message for your fans?

Denka: I'm very honored and very grateful to the readers of your website who listen to us around the world. Many thanks to all.
Erina: Maybe among the readers of JaME, those who don't know about us will discover us. It's a big chance for us to get known. We try to do shows around the world, so if we have the opportunity to see you, it would be awesome. I'll give the best of myself to answer these expectations. I give a warm message of friendship to all the people who will read this.
Kei: I will do my best to offer the best of myself and the best of my music to the readers. If some people see themselves in our look or our music, come to our shows! And if more and more people come to see us, we would be very honored. I will do my best too, to answer your expectations.
Ivy: Hello, my name is Ivy. My message is: listen to Heaven's Call. We put all our energy into this album!
Mikaru: The readers who like Dio and share the values and the music of Dio, I regard them like my girlfriends, my wives, my family. So whether they are boys or girls, they're my family, so as Dio lives we will be together.

Thanks to all and have good shows!

Translation by Emiko. Thanks to JMusic Live.
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