vistlip Re:BIRTH TO SEVEN SHOW CASE in Kanazawa AZ

live report - 30.07.2010 19:00

vistlip reached many hearts in Kanazawa during a live in their Re:BIRTH TO SEVEN SHOW CASE tour.

The live house was packed with cheerful fans despite the rainy day. When Tohya announced the important points during the live, his humorous talk drew the audience’s laugher and created a pleasant, peaceful mood in the live house.

The audience clapped and called along to the loud SE, after which Tohya, Rui, Umi, Yuh and Tomo appeared on the stage. The live started with Dead Cherry, which was a brilliant, showy song with pop melodies, heavy sounds and rap vocals mixing well. “Let’s run high!” called Tomo. The audience clapped in agreement and the band dashed into the electronic heavy rock number Zero. The soft clear vocals of Tomo were supported by the heavy bass sounds made by Rui.

A number of hard, heavy songs followed, and in Mr. Grim, Tomo shouted with death vocals while Yuh played a beautiful guitar solo. The fans enjoyed their furi dance as they raised their fists and jumped to the music, and they moved their hands up and down in the bright main melodies. In drop note, an impressive song with beautiful, sad melodies, Tomo sang with various expressions as he moved his hands and body, while Tohya hit the drums powerfully, his face all smiles.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time!" Tomo called. "Are you ready to fly more!?” In the up-tempo, danceable song Sara, the fans raised their fists and jumped rhythmically, and in the happy pop song LIFE, they enjoyed high clapping. These light, up-tempo songs which made the crowd dance naturally and lifted spirits were really well-matched with the mood of vistlip. “I wish happiness for this town,” Tomo whispered.

With the pretty sounds of a music box and heartwarming piano sounds ringing out, a grand orchestra was added and the quiet ballad CLASSIC OPERA started. Tomo’s vocals rang clearly and gently, while Yuh played his guitar solo freely and beautifully in the dramatic piece. “I love you,” Tomo whispered when the song finished, and the audience who had stood still listening carefully to the song, exploded into clapping. “Let’s enjoy!” he continued. In the fresh TWISTER, he sang with artless honest words such as “I like you." In the hard songs Omoide CG and Night Parade, the members and fans head banged hard in the flashing red light, while Tohya’s bass drums rang low and heavy.

In their MC, the members talked about their unique episodes in Kanazawa in a relaxed mood. Then the second half of the live started with Ukiyo graffiti, which was an electric, upbeat pop song. The following FIVE BARKIN ANIMALS was a dark number in which Tohya’s bass drums and Rui’s bass roared low and heavy. Yuh played guitar sometimes melancholically, and at other times his guitar notes ripped through the air eccentrically.

In the upbeat song EGOIST, Rui and Yuh played excellent solo parts, and the fans jumped all together, led by Tomo. Gizen MASTER followed, and the fans pumped up their fists and jumped rhythmically as the live heated up even more. Tohya hit the drums with all his might, while Umi bent over as he played guitar and shouted. Tomo then shouted in his death voice: “You're not raging enough! Crush more!” In LION HEART, the fans raised their fists all together, and Umi took a microphone and sang rap vocals center stage. In the beautiful catchy main melodies, the crowd jumped all together, and the live house was enveloped in humid, fierce heat.

As soon as the members left the stage the fans broke into calls for an encore. Umi then appeared on the stage and talked about their new single Hameln, released on July 7th, their live DVD released on June 23rd, and their long-awaited fan club opening soon. Here, Yuh confessed he had trouble with his guitar tuning. Tohya, who always seems happy, enjoyed a call and response with the fans and made their spirits run high once again.

Tomo started off the next set whispering, “I wish you happy days.” Then STRAWBERRY BUTTERFLY started. People smiled naturally with the catchy melodies. A slow ballad, Tsuiraku, began with a quiet arpeggio guitar by Yuh, and the audience concentrated on listening to Tomo, who put his emotions into the song as he sang and whispered, “We’ll keep living and we'll connect for ever.” In the bright, upbeat song Hameln, the fans raised their hands together and waved them from side to side in the main melodies. “Show me your smiles more. Let’s become one at last,” Tomo said. Then with heartwarming piano sounds, the last song -OZONE-, started. People moved their hands along to the bright catchy melodies, and the venue was filled with happy smiles. When the live finished, a video clip of Hameln was projected.

The music of vistlip is a marvelous mix in which rhythms and melodies change fantastically, original arrangements such as scratch and rap are added, while classical rock elements are scattered in an excellent balance. The lyrics written by Tomo are artless and honest but sometimes include needles to stick our hearts and soak into our minds naturally. The five members’ senses mix into the expressions of their music and outlooks, make people sympathize with them, and build the precious bond between the band and their fans. vistlip aims to reach higher ground and keep growing together with the fans. We won’t be able to see the same live again, nor all the things that happened there that night, so everyone is looking forward to seeing them in their next show.

Set list:

01. Dead Cherry
02. Zero
03. Mr.Grim
04. drop note.
05. Sara 
06. LIFE
09. Omoide CG 
10. Night Parade 
11. Ukiyo grafitti
14. Gizen MASTER

17. Tsuiraku
18. Hameln
19. -OZONE-
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