PS COMPANY 10th Anniversary Party ~ Peace & Smile Carnival at Nippon Budokan ~ Part 2

live report - 23.02.2009 12:00

The second part of the joyful 10th anniversary Peace & Smile Carnival for PS COMPANY, featuring Kra and alice nine.

Following Kagrra, was Kra. The vocalist Keiyu started up the show dressed in a classic black suit. With a bow, he sat down at a grand piano and started to play a beautiful melody. Clapping answered his performance, then artman began with a clash of cymbals from drummer Yasuno. Keiyu sang the catchy pop melody with his clear and pure voice; fans raised their hands, jumped, headbanged and sang in unison with him. Yasuno hit powerful and sharp beats on the drum with a pair of pink drumsticks. Yuhra played a quick bass solo with his fingers, and Mai's guitar was clear and beautiful throughout.

"Let's clap!" Keiyu called as Yuhra's bass went into Renjou philosophy. The members of Kra dashed onto the runways as the audience performed the furi dance moves; Keiyu's singing gradually turned into shouts. Next, Mutaku to Mutaku to started quietly before turning into an upbeat rock song with the sharp beats of Yasuno's drums and the low growl of Yuhra's bass. The simple and straightforward lyrics quickly reached the hearts of the audience and they couldn't help but sing and move to the music.

Taking a quick break from their performance, Kra said to the audience, "Nice to see you, we are Kra. We think that there are many people seeing us for the first time, but we are happy to see you." Afterwards, Keiyu returned to the piano to perform Amaoto wa Chopin no shirabe, but not before giving a quick note on the piece: "The original song was I Like Chopin sung by Gazebo, which was the hit song sung by Asami Kobayashi in Japan. Please sing this song with me." When the song finished, Mai's guitar rang clearly to start Buriki no hata; the venue was illuminated by yellow light as the fans sang in chorus. Yasuno's cymbals signaled an upswing in the beat, and fans raised their right hands to wave from side to side. A measure from Mai's guitar signaled a stop to the instruments so that only Keiyu’s voice sans microphone and the fans' chorus filled the venue. After their performance, the PV of Marry (the last track of their latest album Life~Today is a very good day to Die~) premiered during the intermission on the big screens in the hall; the happy and colorful images and the scene changes evoked laughter and applause from the audience.

A few moments after the end of the PV, Saga of alice nine. appeared on a green-illuminated stage and started to play the synthesizer. The drums and guitar were added, and it led into the beautiful name, which is the first song on their most recent album VANDALIZE. Shou sang freely with his rich voice, and Hiroto bent over his guitar as he played. The song was explosive, with Saga's bass and Nao's drums creating a powerful rhythm that made it feel like the earth was vibrating. With a shout of "let's go!" Velvet began: the audience raised their fists together to another heavy explosion of rock. Like the bands before them, the members ran down the runways to stir up the fans; back on stage, Nao headbanged as he beat the drums. During a quiet interlude, fans held pen lights or cell phones in their hands and waved them from side to side to light up the dark venue like stars in the night sky.

Shou stepped to the head of stage and said, "We are so thankful to be able to appear at this event, PS COMPANY's 10th Anniversary - thank you to all of our staff and fans. What a superb view I have here of the Budokan with 13,000 people. I want to feel the rhythm clapped by 13,000 people."

In response, the audience immediately began clapping. Within moments, the drums, bass and guitars accompanied the audience's clapping and RAINBOWS started. The audience chanted "Hey! Hey!" while pumping their fists, and Hiroto scratched the strings and showed off a tapping technique on his guitar. The momentum never slowed down and they dashed into RED CARPET GOING ON. The band and audience grinned ear-to-ear and jumped together. alice nine.'s final song was the bright and cheerful Blue Planet. Fittingly, blue light filled the venue as the fans waved both hands and jumped to Shou's vocals.

Set list:

SE (piano solo by Keiyu)
Renjou phisolophy
Mutaku to Mutaku to
Amaoto wa Chopin no shirabe
Buriki no hata

alice nine.
the beautiful name
blue planet
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