Tokyo Pudding - Kaisha Story

review - 11.03.2009 12:00

Nonsense from two guys dressed up as pudding.

After their debut single Keitai Aika, the band Tokyo Pudding fell from sight. Five years later, the band finally came out with new material that is a laugh riot!

Kaisha monogatari starts off reminding listeners of Guruguru Eigakan's first lineup. For those who have never heard of that band, just imagine two guys standing at a karaoke bar, singing old enka songs or anime themes. That's about what this song sounds like. You can't hate such a song, since it is just way too amusing, and you don’t even have to understand the lyrics; it's just plain enjoyable.

The second songs starts with a short dialogue, becoming yet another anime theme-like song. However, this time the opening has more pop influence. Although it's far from being extraordinary, despite the short guitar solo that revives a 50's rock tune vibe, it's definitely entertaining.

Ōsaka miren also starts with a discussion between two guys, which is quite amusing, even though most of what they say is nonsensical. This song sounds like the ballad that began their career, but it's far grander like a movie soundtrack, at least in the way it is sung. Though it's no comparison to Keitai aika, which is still their best song so far, Ōsaka miren comes very close. And although its duration is more than six minutes, it seems to be a quite short while just listening to it.

We're treated to yet another dialogue, this time between a man and a woman, for the following track. Once the singing starts, this nonsense song will keep you laughing until the end. The title states what the song is about: a woman who loves dogs. Focusing on the animal, it includes the sound of people barking into the track! This is completely out of the place, since the rest of the song is set up as an old school enka ballad, but the ridiculousness is hiarious.

When Hanko oshite starts, you have about five seconds to think about which band this style reminds of. The simple answer is ULFULS, since those guys play the same disco-like pop songs. The song is catchy, but it lacks a little bit of the funny stupidity to get it really going. The next song casts its aspirations to describing the mystical world of a golf club. Golf michi manages to do it perfectly, and it's just too much at once. It even tops the insanity of Inu suki no onna. At the end there is even Spanish guitar playing. It’s senseless, but at the same time ingenious.

There is no way to describe the style of Tokyo Pudding. They play and sing what's on their minds. For fans of movie themes and nonsense music, they're the perfect band, since they make a perfect combination of both. Of course, this isn't to say they can't improve, but with humor as their weapon Tokyo Pudding could take over the world. To get a taste of their more recent work, check out TOKYO SOUNDSCAPES, a remix CD of their more popular songs featuring the artists alan, mihimaru GT's hiroko and more.
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