Uchusentai NOIZ Live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM

live report - 27.01.2011 00:01

Fun and energy hits an all-time high as Uchusentai NOIZ wraps up their JAPAN TOY’S PANIC TOUR KING OF ONEMAN SHOW 2009-2010.

The dim venue was packed with anticipating fans waiting for their beloved idols. As the venue gradually brightened, the SE for the appearance of the members came on. Fans raised their fist all at once and welcomed the members as they did their signature opening act.

The live started energetically with Shonen Ningyo and from the start, the audience were jumping up and down with their hands up in the air. During MASATO's and ANGEL-TAKA’s chorus chase, the fans enjoyed the melody contentedly and moshed heavily till the end of the song. In BRAND NEW WORLD that came up next, the audience clapped their hands from the introduction onwards as the two guitarists came to the front, stirring the audience up. Moving on to Mr.Adventure, with the same vibe, the audience jumped up and down and during KOTARO’s speedy guitar solo the fans moshed intensely, moving from side to side.

“Glad to see you TOKYO! BABY!” With the MC by ANGEL-TAKA, Ichigeki Hissatsu, a song with rap, started. Also during this song, KOTARO showed off his spectacular solo and the fans waved their hands and appreciated the music. Then when MASATO came to the front of the stage and swung his jacket around, Battle capsule kara ai wo komete started. On the riser, ANGEL-TAKA and MASATO showed off their twin vocals and during the interlude, KYO and KOTARO went to the front of the stage and stirred up the audience. Moving on to Igni+ioN, with YAMATO’s notable profound drumming, the loud song shook up the whole venue as the audience jumped intensely.

Then with KYO’s MC, 3 days boat was performed. Band members as well as audience threw the band's original towels into the air at once, and in the main melody, the venue was packed with people swinging towels over and over. The intro of White Canvas was then played. During this song, KYO waved his hand up in the air and the audience mirrored him, enjoying the medium tempo song. After the lights dimmed, there was a brief silence. Then, a spotlight was cast upon MASATO and pray started. MASATO’s echoing vocals and the digital sound wrapped the venue up. Proceeding to People note, as the venue became bright again, the band performed their lively number for the audience. When Hard-Romanticers next started, KYO and MASATO went up on the ego riser, with KOTARO moving to the left and ANGEL-TAKA moving to the front of the stage and stirring the audience up. The venue was a whirlpool of excited moshing fans. In SPACE PIRATES (ch77.7) that came up next, the four members in front danced cheerfully. Answering to the band, the audience pumped their fists up.

ANGEL-TAKA thanked the audience for coming and resumed their live, raging on to the final phase. In MIRACLE☆ROCKET G5, the audience moshed left to right during the intro and the members also came to the front and stirred them up. Continuing on to the speedy CUBE, fans had their fists up and sometimes extended their hands towards the stage. MASATO and KOTARO came to the front and played their guitars. With YAMATO’s accelerating drums, the song ended and they went right into the last song of the main set, FLASHBACK FLAG. ANGEL-TAKA shouted “Raise your fists!” to the audience and they followed suit, moshing harshly. The members were very energetic as well as the main set came to an end.

The lights dimmed and encore shouts arose from the crowd. After a while, the members came back on stage wearing the band's original T-shirts and Merry-go- round started. The audience pumped their fists up for this energetic song. In the second encore song, Muscle Dog “Shisakugata001”, the members wore animal ears on their head, presenting a comical sight. Finally, for the last encore, Typ;N was played. The audience raised their fists up and jumped to the heavy music till the end.

The fans had a tremendously enjoyable and energetic time from start to end. After all songs were sung, the band, together with all the fans, celebrated MASATO’s birthday. With the birthday song, the birthday cake appeared on stage. Though the cake ended up on MASATO’s face instead of in his mouth, it was a heartwarming moment in that day’s live. It was definitely a night that made fans anticipate their future activities.

Set List

01. Shonen Ningyo
03. Mr.Adventure
04. Ichigeki Hitssatu
05. Battle capsule kara aiwo komete
06. Igni+ioN
07. 3 days boat
08. White Canvas
09. pray
10. People note
11. Hard-Romanticers
12. SPACE PIRATES (ch77.7)
14. CUBE

EN 1. Merry-Go-Round
EN 2. Muscle Dog ”Shisakugata001”
EN 3. Typ;N
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