Sadie Deep Impact Tour Final at Shinkiba Studio Coast

live report - 07.02.2011 00:01

Finishing up the year on December 29 with a powerful and emotional tour final, Sadie rocked the foundations of Shinkiba Studio Coast with straightforward intensity.

The crowd needed no warming up, not when everyone was so tightly packed into the venue. Cry More took off hard and fast. The fans proved themselves early on, raising a massive, unified voice whenever required. Vocalist Mao raised hell with his roars, aided by guitarist Mizuki whose antics were both entertaining and inspiring. Combined with the passionate efforts of guitarist Tsurugi, bassist Aki and drummer Kei, the set got off to a great start as the exciting opener was followed by the intensity of Shingan. Amazing guitar riffs, chaotically jumping bodies and the combined efforts of two unbelievably forceful growls later, it was over - but MADROID ensured that the crowd remained in full swing.

The audience's voice filled the impressive venue almost as satisfyingly as Mao's, whether they sang or shouted. The busy tune gave way to the heavy vigour of CHAOTIC WORLD. Its powerfully rhythmical growls had Mao leaning on Mizuki who dug deeply into the music along with Tsurugi to produce a guitar line that could rival even the vocalist’s malicious sound. Meanwhile, Kei’s sticks flashed back and forth from drum to cymbal like a slashing sword. The initial spurt wound up with a final rampage, BURST ZERO denying the fans even a moment’s rest as their necks snapped side to side and up and down, diving over each other in an effort to move that vital inch closer to the stage.

Lit by an array of spotlights from above, Mao then sang out the ballad-styled Toge. It soon sped up, however, with guitars taking off and Mizuki playing with a sense of elegance. Not quite a full ballad, but definitely not Sadie's brand of hard rock, the number entertained by creating an odd sort of ambiance. A guitar solo midway through brought a little carnival-esque atmosphere to the venue that hid the sharp darkness amidst Kei’s drumming. Immediately following the softer number with the heavier but catchy Ice Romancer, Sadie proved they could capture a crowd with melody as well as violence, although the angrier edges of Ice Romancer certainly didn’t hurt. “Let me hear you!” Mao called; it took very little effort to get the crowd shouting. Mizuki turned his back, hands to his ears as he swayed to the rhythm. A sick growl rang out whilst Kei slashed at the cymbals, his hair flying. Finally, the crowd sang out, enthusiasm somehow winning out over the full-scale music until Mao growled the outtro.

Driven by drum and guitar, the deep opening riff of Dress gave way to another impressive melodic line. As Mao tossed his head with the best of them, Mizuki bounced about while Tsurugi’s sometimes sharp, sometimes flowing movements were a physical expression of the music itself. Awaki gunjou drew eyes to Kei’s silhouette as the drums took the lead for a change, not just controlling but even outshining the simple music. This, combined with Mao’s well timed screams, sent everyone into a headbanging frenzy. The next track, Silent Eve, had a guitar line that seemed very deep and affecting. Though they stayed in place, the members were in constant movement throughout the number, never still unless for purposeful effect. Then a wash of red accompanied a vicious scream. The following chorus was half-yelled and added a fitting level of intensity to the number that reached its peak as Mao kept screaming on pitch, unaccompanied.

“Can you blow away the second half? Everyone together, let’s go!” Mao called, kicking off Juggernaut. He danced with Aki amidst the fast and heavy guitar shredding. Slamming a chord, the bassist jumped into a spin whilst Mizuki felt the beat up at stage front, his movements mirroring the grooving crowd. CHILDREN OF DESPAIR launched straight into rattling drums that instantly had the crowd headbanging. The musicians wandered the stage, Mizuki and Tsurugi providing momentary scenery at centre stage before the vocalist cut into the moment, holding his mic for Mizuki to scream into. When he yelled “Toss your heads!” both the crowd and the guitarist complied without hesitation. An incredible riff had the band stalking and dancing about on stage while the crowd remained a flurry of whipping hair. The final image was of Tsurugi bouncing up and down over his guitar whilst Mizuki headbanged flat out with no concern for the music, though he hardly seemed to miss a trick.

Busy in many senses of the word, Crimson tear was a blur: musically, physically, on stage and off. Heads whipped back and forth, cymbals crashed, fans yelled, guitars ripped and above it all lay Mao’s howling. Simultaneously, both guitarists spun into the demanding outtro music. “Clap your hands, Tokyo!” Mao prompted. The swift rap and digital beat of GREEDY EMOTION built up a thirst for intense music that was satisfyingly quenched by the intervening riffs. As Mizuki started a clap, half the crowd picked it up right away; the remainder was slower to catch on, creating a rift right down the middle. However, the instrumental ended suddenly with Mao taking over once more. He and Mizuki shared a mic to growl into, which led to a long, dirty kiss that had the crowd squealing in shock and some delight. As the vocalist finally turned away, Mizuki wiped his lips. “Oh yeah,” Mao hummed, moving straight into VIRTUAL FAKEMAN. The unexpectedly cheerful chorus had the crowd reaching into the air before sinking back into the darkness for the remainder of the number. Taking the centre platform for his solo, Mizuki then entered a "growl-off" with Mao, laying back when it was done. A moment later, the vocalist pinned him in a move that ended with the guitarist on his knees before the platform in the stillness of the song’s wake.

In contrast, the interesting guitar opening of psycho culture kept Mizuki skipping and dancing in little motions, the moves continuing through both the brighter verse and heavier chorus until he jumped up on the platform to wiggle his behind at the crowd. Mao exacerbated the hectic, kinky atmosphere by tying a blindfold about his own eyes. He worked the crowd into a frenzy while the others surveyed the scene, and Mizuki snuck up behind Kei on the drums. Posed away from the fans with an arm in the air, Mao cued the moment for all to let loose. The rampage continued with the finale of Meisai. However, necks were spared a short while as the chorus approached. Aki tapped the vocalist on the shoulder to ensure that his delicate little dance to the melodic tune was witnessed both on stage and off. The crowd sang valiantly towards the mic turned to them before diving deep into Mao’s roars. Amazingly, they then yelled in a unified rhythm, even as they headbanged at top speed. The chaos resumed with Mizuki carrying his stand forward and planting it at the edge of the stage, aiding Mao in screaming out the remainder of the piece. “Thank you, Tokyo!” Mao cried, taking off with Aki. Mizuki dropped into a deep bow, and the remaining three also bid farewell to the crowd.

Responding to the relentless encore call, the band was back before long, engaging in a fairly loose chat about the tour and the days leading up to the final. Taking the light atmosphere and molding it to his wish, Mao turned serious. “I want to take these experiences from our tour and pour them into a song for you. true word.” Heavy guitar braced the gentle melody, saving it from drifting into pop. However, Mao’s heartfelt performance was not to be undermined as he did indeed pour his soul into the number. Words of gratitude then preceded little prayer, which still held a light element, though the crowd responded as if it were much heavier by pumping fists amidst vigorous yells. Then the number caught up with them as the ripping guitar and Mao’s decisive growl brought little prayer back under Sadie’s, vicious razor-edged wing. “Tokyo… Tokyo… This is the tour final! Let’s get it together, okay? All right. BLACK STARS!” Mizuki wiggled hands by his ears during his loose rap, encouraging shouts as accompaniment.

The guitarists wandered freely throughout Kagerou, the catchy melody of the chorus let first Mao’s and then the crowd’s voices soar as the vocalist spread his arms wide to let the sound wash over him. “Lastly,” he cried, “will you give me your all?” Once again yelling and headbanging at once, the crowd’s shouting blended with Mizuki’s whilst Tsurugi got right down into the music of Grieving the dead soul. “Are you alive, Tokyo!?” Mao yelled first with the mic, then without. Though his raw voice could not travel the vast distance over the wailing music, the crowd got the message and responded nonetheless. Vocalist, bassist and two guitarists lined up along the stage front while Kei slashed away at the cymbals behind them. Tsurugi wiped at his face with hands clutched in gratitude. “Thank you, Tokyo!”

After some playful teasing, the band turned serious. “Coming back to Tokyo for the tour final after thirty-two performances was the right choice,” Mao affirmed seriously. “We saw crying faces, laughing faces and faces of those supporting us wholeheartedly. Despite all the unbearable times, I’m truly glad to see all your faces.” At this point, the vocalist began to well up, fighting to choke down tears and finish sharing his thoughts without creating a spectacle but ultimately failing. He continued amidst little gasps and pauses. “I don’t want to show you those hard times. I want to stay cool in your eyes, but I’ve realized just how much you all mean. I can go on because you are here. Lately, many bands have been breaking up, but I will not let that happen!” The certainty in his tone was unmistakable, and on that note, he went on to announce the 2011 album release and spring tour. “I can’t tell if I’m crying or laughing anymore!” he whined before asking everyone from the crowd to the the visitors to the staff selling drinks out front to applaud themselves for their efforts.

Once the others had said their goodbyes and left the stage, Mizuki stepped up for a final word: “What we achieved today wasn’t only thanks to the artists, but also thanks to all of you, including those who are sick or caught up elsewhere and unable to attend. Thank you, everyone. In this age, where music is easy to get your hands on, there are only concerts which can only be seen live. Even if you must see other bands, go to concerts and keep on going! Let’s all make great concerts together!”

Set List

01. Cry More
02. Shingan
06. Toge
07. Ice Romancer
08. Dress
09. Awaki gunjou
10. Ageha no nakigara
11. Silent Eve
12. Juggernaut
14. Crimson tear
17. Psycho Culture
18. Meisai

EN01. true word
EN02. little prayer
EN04. Kagerou
EN05. Grieving the dead soul
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