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Debut single from the bright, eccentric Keke(ヶ´∀`), ex-second vocalist of Medi@lize.

Keke(ヶ´∀`) is a singer-songwriter and model and is currently the vocalist of Project Y as well asthe second vocalist of the now disbanded Medi@lize. After Medi@lize’s disbandment in April 2011, Keke(ヶ´∀`) embarked on a more serious career after winning TV Tokyo’s Dream Creator hosted by TV Tokyo and Nico Nico Douga, he released DARUMAROMAN on March 21 2012. Outside of music, Keke(ヶ´∀`) also models, frequently appearing in the eccentric fashion magazine, KERA, and more recently, ARENA 37°C.

DARUMAROMAN is an fun, upbeat title track that includes a faint traditional feeling to it with shouts of “asore!!” in between Keke(ヶ´∀`)’s own enthusiastic shouting. The simple melody and lyrics are fairly easy to remember and might have you humming the melody later.

In the PV for DARUMAROMAN, Keke(ヶ´∀`) is seen holding a daruma, both walking while talking with it or having one nearby on a desk. KEI (NO LEAF CLOVER), Zebra (MONI-FACE) and (ex-Medi@lize, Bijo♂men Vlossom) also dance alongside him. The PV can be viewed either on Nico Nico Douga; a YouTube reprint is below.

The B-side, MADa☆YADa, is as equally catchy but does sounds similar to conventional J-pop—however it is still cute and makes you want to hear more of his work while you wonder where Keke(ヶ´∀`)'s future lies in the music scene.

The single also includes a cover of Hello, Worker, originally by KEI feat. Megurine Ruka, but is transposed into a lower key. Keke(ヶ´∀`)’s cover contains less synthesizer than the original work, but his vocals add a noticeable visual kei tone to the track.

The 'PV' focuses largely on singing but does include short cuts scenes with Zebra and Keke(ヶ´∀`) conversing as Keke(ヶ´∀`) tries his best to find a job. The original Nico Nico Douga video can be viewed here (a Nico Nico Douga account is required to watch, registration is free) but a YouTube reprint is below for convenience.

During his free time, between lives, or during community-run live broadcasts, Keke(ヶ´∀`) sings more visual kei-type covers of popular Nico Nico Douga songs and uploads his covers to Nico Nico Douga; his mylist and YouTube channel can be accessed for a bigger collection of his covers and other funny videos. Enjoy!

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