Angelo 2013 Live in Taipei - REMODELING OF THE AFTER IMAGE

live report - 20.06.2013 01:01

Angelo amazed fans as they presented their brand-new image for the first time in Taiwan

Angelo, remodeling of the after image. Just as the title of the show suggests, the new Angelo returned with a brand-new image while maintaining the original spirited style of the classic visual rock band PIERROT.

The band kicked off the show with the powerful song RIP, setting the atmosphere for the night. Igniting passion in the hearts of the fans, Kirito let them become the group’s sixth member so they could rock the night away together. Presenting Angelo’s new line-up for the very first time in Taiwan, the band caught the eyes and attention of their fans from the very first note. The new Angelo was sure to welcome many new listeners into their fantastic world.

“Hey, Taiwan!!!” Kirito shouted, encouraging the audience to clap along to the strong beat of Script error. This was followed by RETINA, a one of a kind track from their newest album. Listening to this newly released song, fans couldn’t help but be amazed at Angelo’s new style and just how much the band had progressed. The five members, all so different from one another, had come together perfectly to create a breath-taking rock band. It was obvious that Kirito knew exactly how to fire up the audience, creating an explosive atmosphere with his enthusiasm. The range of emotions in his voice allowed him to create his own image of each song. As shiny as his golden hair, guitarist Karyu's wholehearted performance took the audience’s breath away. Seen as the soul of Angelo, Karyu portrayed the band’s unique style with each note he played during his skillful guitar performance. KOHTA, the key man of Angelo, added a certain magical element to the show without being too outrageous. Although on the surface it may have appeared he was simply playing his part on the bass, it became evident that he had a great influence on the music. Fellow guitarist Giru played alongside Karyu, bringing the band together. There was a surprising amount of powerful emotion and passion for music within his slim body. As always, the wonderful drummer TAKEO struck the hearts of the fans with his every beat. These five talented artists blew everyone away like an irresistible cyclonic storm.

Next, KOHTA treated fans to a bass solo which lifted the atmosphere into another peak of the night. He proved his talent and showed just how much he had improved over the years. When it came to the song EVE, the heated atmosphere cooled down and both the band and the fans embraced the peaceful moment. Each of Angelo's songs has its own story, unique as the band itself.

During SEVEN DEADLY SINS, Giru and Karyu became completely absorbed in the song to the point where they participated in a friendly guitar battle. If being too talented and skillful was a sin, the fans would surely sink into the dark yet beautiful world of Angelo without any hesitation. Kirito's performance was spectacular, his enthusiastic dancing during each and every song bringing the music to life. “Hello Taiwan! I’m so happy to be here today.” Kirito smiled, expressing his feelings towards the loyal fans. “Now is our new song, OUTBREAK!” Surprised, the audience went wild with excitement at hearing the song for the very first time. OUTBREAK, as the name of the song suggests, was powerful from start to finish. The lingering sound was so vigorous that you could still feel the rapid beating of your heart even after TAKEO's final drum beat. You would never feel the need to compare PIERROT and Angelo after listening to this masterpiece. Angelo truly expressed their new, unique style, proving they had already marched onto their own path.

As always, Kirito introduced each of the members to the fans. Unlike other bands, Kirito led the fans to finish his lines by encouraging them to shout out the names of the members, the band and fans becoming one. This was followed by three amazing songs that they all enjoyed with the fans so much that Kirito ended up kissing Karyu to express his happiness. The members jumped and spun, performing the songs happily. Then, after the very last note of the party-like song PLOSIVE was played, came the final curtain call to the show. “Thank you! Taiwan!” Kirito shouted and the members disappeared backstage.

Eager for more, the fans yelled “Encore!!” over and over again for nearly ten minutes. The enthusiasm of the passionate fans made it obvious the night was not over yet. To reward their loyal fans, Angelo returned to the stage and continued to rock the night away with a total of six encore songs. “Sorry for making you guys in Taiwan wait this long!” TAKEO said. “How are you?” KOHTA said in Chinese, which successfully added fuel to the fiery atmosphere once again. He grinned and admitted that was all the Chinese he had learned. “You guys are the best! I really enjoyed this night!” he shouted, showing his appreciation for the enthusiasm of the fans. The two cute and skillful guitarists followed, expressing how happy they were to finally be performing in Taiwan. “Let’s rock even more!!!” Kirito announced before a short MC led everyone back into the palace of rock once again. The fans used their hands to gesture along with the song, indulging in the lyrics and music wholeheartedly. “And the last song is SCRAP!” Kirito encouraged both the band and the audience to switch on their “all-in” mode to welcome the last song of the dreamlike night. The atmosphere was truly electric from the beginning to the end.

“Thank you so much, Taiwan!” “Did you guys enjoy the show tonight? I’m so happy too!” “We’ll see you next time!” The gratitude felt by these five amazing artists was visible through their smiles as they expressed just how touched they were by the enthusiasm of the audience. Together, the band and the audience had built the strong structure of the outstanding show.

Finally, Kirito, KOHTA, TAKEO, Karyu and Giru, the five talented and charming musicians, stood hand in hand and bowed to signal the end of this spectacular performance. As the sound of applause erupted from the audience, the band exited the stage, leaving the fans with memories of the magical show.

Although Angelo's history is not long, they will undoubtedly be adding new pages to it in the near future. And just as the lyrics of their song CONVICTION state, “End was assumed, beginning to evolve, many people confused, all in the plan.” -- many things are planned, just as the band planned to step on stage to present the one of a kind Angelo for the very first time.

Set list

01. RIP
02. Synapse
04. Script error
06. My Strife
07. Prelude
08. EVE
09. Calvary
11. Forbidden Fruit
13. Danmatsuma ni mimi sumashite
14. EDEN
16. Manic State High Pressure


En1. Jishou no chiheisen
En2. Blind Light
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