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live report - 26.06.2013 01:01

On March 9, Kaya welcomed fans to his dark world with an unforgettable performance

The curtain moved to reveal Kaya sitting alone on stage. Arms bound by ropes that dangled from the walls, he resembled a lifeless doll trapped in a giant spider-web. Black and red engulfed the stage setting a gothic mood, while a dramatic tune played in the background. Head bent down, Kaya dryly voiced words about unrequited love before his head slowly rose and he glanced around the room through deranged eyes. “Welcome to my dark world! Love…hate…light…hate…become my lovers tonight. I will be your doll…” The sound of a piano advanced confidently, lights suddenly flashing rebelliously while Kaya released himself from the restraining strings ready for Marionette. Visuals at their best, it was a clearly well thought opening with everything from the staging to the lights matching the song and its title. The crowd cheered fervently for Kaya as he twirled to the melancholic tune, his heavy skirt floating like a bell with every move. The vocals were impeccable, cleverly mixing sweet and fierce while the piano in the background grew wilder, intensifying for the end of the song.

A’s Rookie Fiddler joined Kaya on stage for funerary dream. The sound of his violin mingled perfectly with Kaya’s voice, which elevated across the room in a melancholic plea. The violin continued for Sink, the vocals sweet yet strong with a nostalgic tinge. “I am an impostor…” the words echoed dramatically. The tone changed from sad to cold as Kaya stared blankly into the void. Alone on stage, the lead man addressed the audience in a theatrical tone. “You threw me away…left me feeling like an empty doll…” Glancing around the room he smiled, “Welcome, I’m Kaya…tonight I bring you NOCTURNE. It tells a tale of love…and pain…pain filled love…to be thrown away like a broken doll… I’m sure you can relate…”

The atmosphere eased as he proceeded to ask the audience about their own experiences of love in a casual, and somewhat brattish, tone. “Are you in love? Do you have a boyfriend? No?” Kaya’s unique piercing laugh filled the room mischievously. “How about you? Is love going well for you? What?! It is? Please leave!” he feigned dismay at the positive reply and the audience laughed at his antics. “We have some unusual guests here today. Can you see the drum set? CHARGEEEEEEE will be joining me later on, along with TaNa…and you’ve already met Rookie. Before we move on, I need to explain something. Whenever I say “Koe choudai” I want you to yell out my name…till blood comes out!” His voice took on a dark and devilish note for the last comment and his eyes sparkled.

Violin, guitar and piano combined for the haunting ballad Silvery Dark, definitely one of the night’s most memorable tunes. The vocals, strong yet silky, entranced the hall and the vocalist’s moves added intensity to the number as he stared into the darkness, violin and guitar on either side. “Manipulated? Controlled?” Evil laughter rose to welcome the deadly Coppelia and the rhythm intensified. A deep red took over while Kaya danced across the stage yelling “Koe choudai!” over and over, greeted by a mantra call of his name.

“Let’s dance together!” he called out for Kagami oni and the audience complied. The crowd came thrashing forward for Medusiana, hair flying wildly from the headbanging while Kaya, like a broken doll, twirled across the stage asking for more. CHARGEEEEEEE joined them on stage, taking his place behind the drums with a wild grin for the powerful Epicurean – New ver.-. Smoke took over the stage, materializing the heat from the fervent performance, drums blasting their way through as Kaya graced the fans with his delicious dark and devilish side.

Standing on his drums, CHARGEEEEEEE defiantly asked for more and Rookie returned, joining the drummer and guitarist on stage for Pourriture noble. The heavy songs definitely brought out another side of Kaya, testifying to the vocalist’s versatility and showmanship. The combination of powerful drums, fast guitars, fierce vocals and a sweet violin made for an interesting combination that added a certain edge to the number. Hands reached out for the lead man, the crowd headbanging for their lives as the guest members set an example.

The deranged laughter assaulted the hall once again, announcing the infamous Rose Jail. The crowd was on fire and responded to Kaya’s every command, bodies moving zealously to the beat. The set ended with the dramatic Kugutsu, drums, guitar and violin adding to the performance as fans saw Kaya at his best. After a warm thank you and an introduction of each supporting member, Kaya bid farewell to the crowd who immediately demanded more with a heated encore call.

The three guests were the first ones back, ready to rock and give it their all for the heated instrumental session that followed. The tempo eased and intensified in waves as the three men interacted with the crowd, firing up the hall for the final round. Clad in micro leather shorts, black hair floating over his shoulder, Kaya resembled a gothic prince when he returned to the stage. It was the outfit for his upcoming release, he explained before proceeding to the new song Infection. With the change in outfit came a change of tone, Kaya assuming a deadlier and more masculine attitude as he sang through the fierce number. Words cut the air, making their way through the heavy drums, electronics and goth, combining for a puissant number.

“Oh, no…they are falling down!” Kaya grinned as he pulled his shorts up with feigned innocence. “I was thinking about what theme you would like for the next release and came up with gothic and decadence. I often wear girly dresses but I am a guy after all!” he laughed evilly. “Clothes and themes may change, but I will always be the same…some things never change! Do you still have energy left? Give me all you’ve got!” his voice became defiant and harsh as he got ready to end the show in a burst of headbanging and growls with Addict. It was a powerful end for an unforgettable night, the live band adding an extra edge to Kaya’s explosive performance. Growls, pumping fists and powerful instrumentals combined with his unique vocals, bringing the crowd to their limit as they gave it their all for the last song. “Let’s make this a special place where we can all be together!” With this heartfelt promise, Kaya bid farewell to his fans who certainly await his torrid and daring future releases.

Set list

01. Coppelia -Prologue-
02. Marionette
03. funerary dream
04. Sink
05. Silvery Dark
06. Coppelia
07. Kagami oni
08. Medusiana
09. Epicurean –New ver.-
10. Pourriture noble
11. Rose Jail
12. Kugutsu


En1. Instrumental Session
En2. Infection
En 3. Addict
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