major - disbanded (1992 - 2005)
After getting their lineup fully set in 1995, there was no stopping this band whose musical goals and styles were the same and whose members couldn't be more different. All together, the members of FANATIC◇CRISIS were a somewhat odd mix of characters that, despite their personality differences, melded together well both on a musical and personal level.

The band's music was a representation of the crazy mix of styles that each particular member contributed to the band. With their highly catchy and upbeat songs, there was something about this band that everyone was sure to like thanks to Tsutomu's warm and rich voice and the other member's strong and skillful playing backing him.

Even though the members decided to take a "break" in May 2005, hopes are high that this once long-lived and energetic band will reform and take the music scene by storm again.
line up
  • Drums: Tasuya [1994 / 1995 - gone]
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