also known as:   TAICHI MUKAI  
major - active (2013 - )
MUKAI TAICHI is a singer-songwriter who's begun to create a bit of a stir in the J-pop scene with his strong voice and diverse sound. Influenced by genres like R&B and hip-hop from a young age, his career officially began in 2010, when he moved from his hometown of Fukuoka to Tokyo and began performing as the vocalist of a funk band. MUKAI left the band in 2011, aiming to experiment with music more freely. He uploaded many tracks to Soundcloud in the years that followed, which eventually culminated in the release of his first EP POOL in 2016.

His solo work expands on his R&B roots, incorporating electronic, ambient and alternative sounds to create tracks that are fresh, emotional and refined. Recently, MUKAI has also begun to attract a sizeable following overseas, which is due in part to his collaborations with leading Japanese and international artists, and also thanks to two of his songs being featured as ending themes for the popular anime series “Run with the Wind”.
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