major - active (2005 - )
Produced by one of Japanese pop's foremost producers, Masato "Max" Matsuura, dance-vocal act AAA are a rare commodity in J-pop in that they are a mixed-sex group, aimed at both female teenagers and male music fans. With Matsuura, the co-founder and president of the Avex Trax record label, calling the shots, AAA have been able to secure the songwriting services of famous producers.

The music of the group cannot be put into one certain category: it is much too diverse. Their releases are known to sport a completely new style with each release, whether it's a heavy rock song with distorted guitars, a sappy, cheesy pop love song, a hip hop song with rough rapping, a fast eurobeat tune or sleek R&B sounds. Influences such as funk, disco, ska and Latin can be found in AAA's music as well.
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