major - disbanded (2006 - 2017)
SuG were a band whose bright visual style and innovative rock sound distinguished them from others in Japan's rock scene. The name “SuG” originated from the word “thug”, reflecting the band's unique style that no one can affect, and carrying the connotation of a “bad friend”. Originally a visual kei band, the group soon evolved and broke free of all musical restraints, even working hip hop and funk elements into their music.

Vocalist Takeru took charge of all aspects of the band including song writing, concept creation, music video direction, stage costume design and art work, and thus was very much the backbone of the band’s success. Beyond SuG, Takeru created his own fashion label “million $ orchestra”, and won an award for directing the film “WE CRY OUT HELLYEAH”, which clinched the first Artist Cinema Award at the 11th Yamagata International Movie Festival.

SuG declared an indefinite hiatus in the summer of 2017, and subsequently disbanded the following December.
line up
  • Drums: MITSURU [2006 / 2009 - gone]
  • Bass: Shouta [2006 / 2007 - gone]
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