indies - active (2008 - )
A&D performs touching pop rock with the lead of a talented vocalist. Although the band was formed in the autumn of 2008, they present a combination of solid experience and a powerful chemistry between the members, as the whole line-up worked previously with the down-to-earth act RABBIT. The light and melodic sound is backed up by Yuki and Saki's guitars, which give the music a tint of a heavier edge.

The home site address of this sympathetic four refers to the words 'air' and 'dignity', but in any case the name is always spelled as A&D.
line up
  • Guitar: Saki [2008 / 2010 - gone]
  • Drums: Syujirow [2008 / 2010 - gone - support member]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
  • euroWH